Your door isn’t soundproof

Did you know the front door to your house isn’t soundproof?

It’s true!

You can talk to the person on the other side of the door just fine – and you never have to open the door.

Why might you want to keep your door closed when speaking with someone on the other side of it?

Maybe you don’t know who the person is on the other side of the door, they don’t have Girl Scout Cookies, and you don’t know what their intent is. Yes, chances are fair it’s just some solicitor wanting to sell you something or get your signature on a petition. But how can you be sure?

Why open the door?

First, it’s probably hotter or colder out there than it is in your climate-controlled house, so why let the A/C or heat out and the hot or cold in? Second, there’s bugs out there — I don’t like flies and mosquitos in my house.

But I also don’t like cockroaches, and I’m talking the 2-legged kind.

It’s not uncommon for doors to be opened, and assailants to then barrel through into the home.

Or maybe they don’t do anything… other than get a good look inside your home. What valuables do you have? Where are things laid out? Who might be in the home (that would be a problem)? Are there any dogs? Alarm systems? Then they come back later, maybe when you’re not home, maybe with more friends.

Why invite this trouble?

Yes, it can come off a bit rude to yell “Who is it?” through your door and carry on a conversation through a wall. So what? Which is of greater concern to you? your safety or your manners and how some stranger perceives you?

There will come a time when you must open the door. Until that time, leave it closed (and locked!) and talk through your door.

(for more information on home invasions, check the May 2014 issue of the Rangemaster newsletter)

2 thoughts on “Your door isn’t soundproof

  1. My living room windows are right next to the front door. I can open one of those (just to the safety locks) and talk to anyone at the front door.
    I’m one of those rude people who call out and ask who is there without opening the door if I don’t recognize the person.

    More importantly, I did this in front of my children repeatedly. They learned that is how you answer the door.

    Bob S.

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