2014-05-09 training log

Something’s not right with me….

Based upon Paul Carter’s Base Building – Mass cycle

  • BB Rows
    • 140 x 8
    • 140 x 8
    • 140 x 8
    • 140 x 7
    • 140 x 5
  • Seated Cable Rows
    • 95 x 15
    • 95 x 15
    • 95 x 15
  • Shrugs
    • 155 x 20
    • 155 x 20
    • 155 x 20
    • 155 x 16
    • 155 x 12
  • Wide, Neutral-grip Pulldowns
    • 95 x 15
    • 95 x 15
    • 95 x 15
    • 95 x 10
    • 85 x 12
  • BB Curls
    • 45 x 12
    • 45 x 10
    • 45 x 10
  • I don’t know what it is, but I’m just wonky.

    The best I can figure, when I step back and look at the whole of my life right now, is my body is reacting to my life change. My sleep is all messed up, tho it shows signs of normalizing. I’m more stressed out than I realized. I’ve been propping myself up with caffeine on and off for the past 2 years, and I’ve essentially given it up for the past week.

    I think my body is crashing, trying to deal with all of this. Bleah.

    It’s probably just going to take time to normalize. Try to get as much rest as I can. Eat well. Keep exercising. I’ll get there.

    I have thought tho that it might be good to visit a doctor and get a full blood panel done, looking at everything (including test levels). I’ll give it a little bit tho. Let myself attempt to normalize first.

    But anyways, today was what it was. Overall not too bad. Rest periods were very short and tight. I got to the gym much later than I have been, so there were others there. I kept earbuds in and just wanted to focus on lifting, so I kept a very tight watch of the clock and probably took 45-60 seconds of rest between sets, fairly strictly. Not a bad thing.

    Got my work in, and away I go.

    6 thoughts on “2014-05-09 training log

    1. You may not be looking for advice, but reading your post today it occurs to me that I may have gone through something similar in the last couple of years. I found myself feeling much of the same way as you describe (low energy, something off, relying on caffeine, job related stress, poor sleep) and decided to get to the bottom of it. Long story short, my health/life was out of balance in several ways. After consulting with many health care practitioners, running labs, and doing my own research, I found that I was that I was deep into adrenal dis-regulation, my thyroid was struggling, my sleep needed to be fixed, and I needed to better manage my stress. This was somewhat of a shock to me as I thought that I was living well and making good decisions – but the deeper I looked and the more data I gathered I realized that I had a lot of work to be done. It was definitely a trip down the rabbit hole. A year later, I’m doing much better with a better grip on where my body is and what it can handle right now. There’s more to the story, but I don’t want to write a book here. 🙂

      • It’s funny you mention that. I was discussing this with a friend the other day and he said the same thing: adrenal problems. That is why I brought up the doctor and blood panel. I’m not ruling that out.

        But, I don’t want to go down that road just yet. This isn’t the most scientific of approaches, but I figure change one thing at a time. So right now, let me let the job/life change happen and just see what getting more sleep does for me. I mean, I’ve already noticed the plantar fasciitis is almost gone — I’ll wake up in the morning and still feel tight and pained, but warm up, move around, and during the day I don’t even notice it now. So I’m just going to take it slow and allow my body to rest. Rest tends to be a magical thing… well, not really magical, but it does solve a lot of stuff. We’ll see how it goes from there. But yeah, I’m not ruling out such things as adrenal issues.

        • Cool. Sounds like you’re already on it. Lifestyle factors such as getting one’s sleep right and managing job related stress is a huge part of it in my experience.

          If you do decide to look into the adrenal issue. The test you want is the diurnal salivary 4X one (with DHEA). You can’t really get a good read on cortisol levels on a 1X serum test, and the 4X salivary one provides a much better view on what is happening. Here’s the one that I use which you can do from home. http://www.canaryclub.org/specialized-panel-hormone-tests-pm/diurnal-cortisol-4x-zrt-stress-hormone-test-kit-c1-c2-c3-c4.html

          • Cool. Thank you for the info!

            It does make me think that, before I do all of this, I might want to curb my supplement intake. I’ve already sworn off the caffeine. I might cycle off the creatine. I don’t take much else (multivitamin, fish oil, extra vitamin C), but I was tinkering with DHEA and might want to give it some time to ensure all stuff is out of my system before I take some tests.

      • Yeah. It’s on the slate. I just want to wait a little more, gather a little more info, and rest a bit more. But I’m pretty sure this is going to happen. If nothing else, getting my test levels checked has been on my agenda for a while.

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