KR Training – 2014-04-05 – DLG-E/DLG-E Quick Hits

This past Saturday at KR Training was slightly different — we had 2 classes, and they were the same class. Two classes is the norm, but usually it’s different classes. There’s been such a demand for Defensive Long Gun: Essentials, Karl scheduled it twice in the same day. Full house each time, great weather, the day was set for goodness!

Karl is updating curriculum in light of the new shoot house structure. I spent both classes running students one-by-one through the shoot house. Given the class is about long-gun use in a home-defense situation, it helps to get some experience at dealing with walls, corners, movement, target discernment, etc.. Granted, the bigger lesson that most everyone already knew was: call the police, hunker down. Room clearing is not something you really want to do, movement through your house (or office, or some other building) with a known threat is not an ideal thing to do. But life may necessitate it (is your house’s floorplan such that your room is on one side of the house and your children’s on another? If Junior screams in the middle of the night, you’re going to move).

Biggest things I can relay to the students is what I said at the end of class regarding what I saw:

  • Don’t crowd the cover.
    • You have this tool that is purpose-built to overcome distance, so you don’t have to. Yes, “monkey-brain” wants to close the distance and smash with rock, but we have better tools so let’s work to overcome our monkey-brain and use our tools in the best way possible.
    • In short: distance is your friend. Put as much distance between you and the danger as you can.
  • Target discernment is vital.
    • You just can’t shoot because of preconceived notions or what you think might happening. You have to know. Granted it was tough when you just had static pictures (no sound, no motion) but the lessons were learned.
    • You have to be sure you can see what you need to see. Work on ready positions. Make sure when the gun is in the ready position that you can see all you need to see; some people were holding the carbine somewhat high and couldn’t see what was below (e.g. maybe his hands were at his beltline). Work on being able to quickly mount the gun from the ready position.
  • And remember, beer & tv.

For those curious about shotgun ammo, here’s the link to the shotgun ammo trials I did. Remember, the key thing you want is:

  • Federal Premium FLITECONTROL
    • The FLITECONTROL is the most important bit.
  • 00 buckshot. 8-pellet preferred (over the 9-pellet)
  • Low-recoil (might just say 1145 fps, vs. the 1325 fps, or whatever it is)
  • Then other things like:
    • 12 gauge
    • 2.75″ shells

As for our own internals, the more we use the shoot house, the more we learn. We’re getting better at how to set it up and run through things, ensuring maximum learning, but also not taking too much time so we can get everyone in class run through it. Timing worked out much better this day than the prior classes. We’ll continue to refine and improve.

Here’s an AAR from one student (twmaster)

Thank you all for coming out!


2 thoughts on “KR Training – 2014-04-05 – DLG-E/DLG-E Quick Hits

  1. Hsoi, I enjoyed this entire class. As always I appreciate the stellar job you folks at KR do.

    The only comment I have, other than the shoot house being fun, is I think a little more instruction and explanation of the shoot house was in order.

    For whatever reason this was not intuitive to me. Hence all the silly sounding questions I had at the beginning and through the shoot house course-of-fire. Of course if I am the only student with this sort of issue then I’ll just be my special self and shut up now. 😉

    I’m just happy to have not shot any civilians….

    • No, please give us some feedback on the shoothouse stuff! It’s new, you were one of the first classes to use it, and we’re still working out kinks and trying to refine how things go with it. So any feedback you can give is valuable. I’ll ping you offline.

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