KR Training – 2014-03-29 – DPS2/AT-2/AT-1A Quick Hits

Another “big day” in the books.

Twice a year, KR Training offers a big day of training: 3 classes in one day. Usually the offerings are: Defensive Pistol Skills 2, AT-2: Force on Force Scenarios, and AT-1A: Low Light Shooting. The day winds up being this way because of AT-1A as there’s only a small window at certain times of the year it can be offered due to the need to coordinate class time vs. sunset. It makes for a great day training, that goes well beyond the simple mechanics of shooting, into more mindset and tactics issues — like “maximize enjoyment of beer & tv“.

There’s really not much for me to say about this class, other than how awesome it was!

The weather was perfect.

The classes were sold out, with a good demographic mix. I’m happy to see more women showing up for beyond-beginner-level classes, because personal responsibility, personal safety, and refusing to be a victim is a topic for all genders.

The students were awesome. We really had a great group. No safety issues. Great questions. Eager and open to learning. Good skills. What really impressed me was how they kept going forward. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but I think 70-80% of the students were there for two classes, and probably 40-50% were there for all three. That’s a LOT of information, a lot of stress and pressure, and you just get tired. But even at the end of the day, students were still applying the lessons from the morning class. That’s tough to do all things considered. But we just had a sharp group of students.

So is there much for me to offer up? No, not really. 🙂

Best I can say to the attending students is given the vast amount of information, it’s unlikely you’ll remember it all. Focus on remembering at least 3 things, or maybe more if you can. Think about new stuff you learned, something you found you need more work on (weak-hand-only?), and perhaps if there were any eye-opening or sobering/humbling moments (maybe the force-on-force?). Write those down, and work on those. The other information is in your head and will come back, but for now, at least focus on a few key things instead of struggling to remember it all.

There was one other cool part of the day. If you follow KR Training’s Facebook Page you’ve seen the construction of a third berm. The intent of this berm is to be a 270º-360º berm, with a semi-permanent shoothouse structure. Karl’s been working hard on this construction, and we got to break in the shoothouse! It was certainly a maiden voyage, and we discovered some kinks that will be worked out. Special thanx to all the students for your patience in this regard.

There was one thing that hit me as worthy of writing on, but I’ll save that for another day.

Thanx to all who came out. I hope you had as good a day learning as we did teaching.