Death is winning. Do something.

The Hyena is the Lion’s natural enemy.

What is yours? Fear.

Fear that you will fail. That you won’t be good enough, or measure up enough. Fear of change.

Fear is the driving force behind people making subpar decisions in their life.

Fear is what puts you on your knees, with your assassins and demons standing behind you, laughing at what a weak little bitch you have become. Persuaded so easily, you fall to your knees, gladly taking one in the back of the dome without even the slightest protest. You fail to make the tough choice because you succumb to your fears, over and over again. And it gets easier each time. Each time that you give in to your fears, it makes it a little easier the next time to do so.

Your life slips away, and so does all of the dreams you had for it.

Tisk, tisk, tisk.

Death is winning. Do something, besides getting on your knees over and over again.

Rise up against the adversity in your life, against your demons, and shove that weapon straight up that would be assassin’s ass. Then tear his skin off and wear it around as a suit. There’s not a damn thing wrong with being afraid. Use that fear to motivate you.

Embrace the fact that you could fail, but with failure comes learning, and with learning you get better. And when you get better, you fail less and less.

If you have been getting on your knees, it’s time to reload who you are, and what you are about.

You need to envision the person you want to become. Be honest with yourself about all of the cracks and weaknesses that currently exist in you. You need to repair those cracks, and make the foundation stronger than ever.

Because strength reigns….strength is king. Now is the time to become stronger.

It’s time to prepare to win.

It’s time to become the fucking lion.

Paul Carter