tl;dr – your loss

Judging by length is foolish. TL;DR shows self-contempt, because you’re ignoring the useful in exchange for the short or the amusing. – Seth Godin

(h/t Greg Ellifritz)

All my life people have moaned at me about how long-winded I can be.

Well, welcome to me.

I have worked to improve on it over the years, mostly trying to be more concise. Nevertheless, sometimes things are going to be long (by your, or even my, standard) because that’s just how it goes.

I work to give information because I know people do not always come back for more. Or that if I can give them enough information up front, it saves everyone more time in the long run because I’ve explained it fully (or full enough).

And so, on television news there is, oddly, very little emphasis on the present; on today’s actual news. The present exists only in thirty-second stories built around eight-second sound bites. Remember, “sound bite” is their phrase. That’s what they give you. Just a bite. No chewing, no digestion, no nourishment. Malnutrition.

– George Carlin (emphasis mine)

I’d rather you be full and satisfied on information. But if all you want is malnutrition, that’s your choice.

It no longer bothers me when people express their annoyance that I’m longer than their preference. I’m going to continue to provide a rich and nutritious informational meal. I will work to make my meals more efficient, packing more goodness into less space, but there’s only so much I can do. In the end, the (lack of) consumption is their choice (and problem).

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