Less, in the new year

When I started this blog almost 5 years ago, I made a decision that I had to post something every day. I didn’t have to write every day, and often I didn’t because I’d write a bunch when inspiration hit, schedule it, and thus ensure a post every day.

I have stuck with that, and it’s been… challenging.

In fact, it’s grown more challenging as time has gone on. I mean, if you notice a pattern, I now “cheat” 3 out of 4 days a week by posting my training log. That counts, but it’s not content that really brings people around (tho oddly, I do get a lot of people caring about my training logs).

My intent was always to write for me. This blog was never to be anything more than my own place to write about whatever I wanted, in a public manner. And it remains and will remain to that end.

But I just can’t keep writing every day. Life has changed a lot over the past 5 years.

I don’t have the free time I once did.

Blogging is not the priority it once was. There are other things that require my attention, so the blog is bumped down the priority ladder.

I have found that I desire to be less vocal. I’ll still write, but I no longer desire to crusade. Here’s an article about cognative bias. We all suffer from this. Step back and look at your own online interactions, your own behaviors, and yeah, we’re all subject to it. People I wish to engage and convince aren’t reading what I write. And frankly, I’m tired because online interactions tend to lead to people sticking their fingers in their ears and classifying you as the asshole. Truly, the best way to convince people and win them over is to get out from behind the keyboard, look them in the eye with a smile and compassionate heart, and listen to what they have to say.

Now, I’ll still write when I can educate. If I can contribute something to the Google-sphere of information out there that people seeking knowledge and information could find useful, sure, I’ll write.

But daily posting? I just can’t do it any more. I’ll still write, but I reckon the only regular postings will be my training logs. All other postings will come as I have time and inspiration. Heck who knows… it might inspire me to write shorter posts. 😉

It may be the beginning of the end for this blog, but usually when something dies, something else will grow in its place. So let’s just focus on what will grow, shall we?

7 thoughts on “Less, in the new year

  1. so much truth to what you have written. it is amazing how after awhile you realize that most people dont really care about what you are passionate about, other than those who are passionate about the opposite.

    I struggle to keep blogging but I do it because it is how I hold myself accountable to my workouts. As much as I hate to say it, if I stopped blogging, I would slowly stop having the dedication to keep workout.

    Have a wonderful new year!

    • That’s one reason I started putting my logs on the blog. I know most people don’t care, but it’s not for them… it’s for me. Sure, I keep a spreadsheet of all my numbers, but it’s not the same. Somehow this works better.

      Happy new year to you too!

  2. Happy new year, and best of wishes for you and yours!

    Sounds like a bit of burnout is occurring friend. Sometimes stirring up your mind can help. Once when I was getting fried I wrote a paper on thumb position while shooting.. Which lead to the same when using a Katana. Which, as it turned out, was for the exact same reasons!

    So maybe, once a month, or week? Write about some of your other interests? I know that I miss reading your writings. Always thought provoking as well as interesting. Perhaps others miss them as well! 🙂

    • I think there may be some burnout, but it really is coming down to 1. a lack of time, 2. due to new, higher priorities in life, 3. either lack of inspiration or just a desire to stop “preaching” because some topics are just better done via other mediums.

      I’ll still write. It’s mostly that I’m relieving myself of the self-imposed requirement to “write/publish” every day. I may still do it… I just am not requiring myself to.

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