2013-12-30 training log

CarbNite Solution…. I’m drained.

Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 27, week 1

  • Work Set – Squat
    • 45 x 5
    • 45 x 5
    • 120 x 5
    • 150 x 5
    • 180 x 3
    • 195 x 5
    • 230 x 5
    • 260 x 5
  • More Squats
    • 150 x 10
    • 150 x 10
    • 150 x 8
    • 150 x 8
    • 150 x 6
  • Seated Calf Raises
    • 45 x 10 x 3
  • Crunches (superset with calf raises)
    • BW x 12 x 3
  • Foam Rolling

Today marked my first training session of 2014 (essentially), first of cycle 27, and first time back in the gym after starting CarbNite Solution. It’s been almost 2 weeks of ultra-low-carb… and it showed.

I had no gas.

I figured I would lose some strength and steam without carbs. Since I got a new 1RM (315#) I thought about doing a full-on recalculation of my percentages, full-on reset, and go from there. But I thought no, I should be alright… drop back a little, but I shouldn’t need to drop back THAT much.

I was wrong.

I dropped back 20#, but I just couldn’t go today. I just ran out of gas. I pushed hard, but any time I would stop it was because I didn’t have the gas to keep going. I just don’t have any glycogen. Makes sense, of course.

So I called some audibles. If I can’t do too much, then I better make the best of what I have. Instead of leg presses and leg curls — which were actually really helping — I just fell back to good old “boring but big” and did more squats. I figure that’s training economy here.

As I think about it all, I am going to fully reset everything. In part, one reason for my reluctance was working up to some good poundages, and now I’m going to lose it all and drop WAY back. But you know what? I have to get over it. Right now the numbers that matter aren’t the numbers on the bar, but the numbers on the scale, the numbers on the tape measure around my waist, and so on. That is what I have to focus on.

So, I’m going to do a full reset, and probably change up the routine a bit to adopt a more training-economic approach, which will probably fall back to good old “boring but big.”

That said tho… CarbNite Solution seems to be alright so far. I’ve only dropped around 5# so far, which is less than expected. But I know it’s not all about the scale. I can say I feel a lot better overall. I don’t feel that adominal bloat, I don’t feel so uncomfortable. I overall feel good. I’m working to find some ways to manage my need for sweets (trying out Virgil’s Zero Sodas… not a huge soda drinker anyways, but if popping one of these back now and again helps me overcome things, then fine; also trying almond flour/meal-based stuff too). I know this will be a process, and I have to remind myself that it will take time. Don’t care so much about weight losses and changes week to week, but look more month to month… it’s a slow process, so checking on a larger timeline will make the changes more evident.

4 thoughts on “2013-12-30 training log

  1. You need to allow at least a month for your body to adapt to lower carb. It takes that long to get all the cell processes switched back into burning lipids as the primary fuel source (I know, pedantic people, I’m glossing over science here… I don’t want to write a novel…).

    Everything will return in time 😉

    • A month? Interesting. Much of the reading I’ve done seems to promote a matter of days… up to maybe 2 weeks. I figured part of my “slowness” might have been taking all of last week off, today being the first day of some serious exertion since I started.

      Nevertheless, it’s all good. Besides, dropping the weight and upping the reps will probably be good for me anyways. The old joints are feeling the pain, and a little less stress is probably good.

      I’ll be patient. 🙂

      • Yeah, going Paleo is effectively going low carb (unless all you eat is sweet potatoes). A lot of folks in the CF community talk about it taking a month. Took me closer to 6 weeks to feel *right* in the gym again. It even gets referred to as the “Paleo flu” – that feeling of drag and no gas…

        • I wonder if there is any difference in this with being “low carb” vs. “no (ultra-low) carb”. Might be, but it may be negligible. either way alright… I’ll just be patient and see how things pan out. Again, I think doing a full reset of my weights and just living with it all is going to work out alright overall anyways.


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