2013-11-20 training log


Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 25, week 3

  • Work Set – Deadlift (working max: 400#)
    • 160 x 5
    • 205 x 5
    • 245 x 3
    • 305 x 5
    • 345 x 3
    • 385 x 3
    • 305 x 5
    • 305 x 5
    • 305 x 5
  • Foam Rolling

I don’t know exactly what to blame, but I fell asleep much earlier than usual. Slept kinda crappy. When the alarm went off I didn’t want to get out of bed — I could have slept a lot more. In fact, I entertained the thought of skipping the gym and crawling back into bed. I obviously didn’t, but I was giving it honest consideration. I don’t feel sleepy, but I do feel tired. I’m not sure if I just had a bad night, or if maybe there’s illness creeping in. It’s starting to be that season, and there are people around the office (and office building) coughing, sniffing, not washing their hands, and so on so…. maybe my body is starting to fight something. I don’t feel bad, just kinda tired and not motivated.

I almost jack-shitted it, but couldn’t let myself do that. So I picked another “Beyond 5/3/1” technique of first-set-last-set and after I worked up (385×3, which went pretty well — sure it wasn’t textbook pretty, but I can tell all this quad work and deadlift technique work is paying off because I’m not just using my back any more), I dropped down to the “first set” weight and did 3 sets of 5 with about a minute rest in between. That was good.

Called it. Rolled. Left.

If my body needs more rest, I don’t need to destroy it more.

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