2013-10-16 training log

420# – a PR Austin can be proud of.

Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 24, week 3

  • Work Set – Deadlift (working max: 390#)
    • 160 x 5 (warmup)
    • 195 x 5
    • 235 x 3
    • 295 x 5 (work)
    • 335 x 3
    • 375 x 1
    • 390 x 1 (Joker)
    • 405 x 1
    • 420 x 1 (PR)
  • Foam Rolling

Today was a mix of awesome and uncertainty.

First the awesome.

Lifetime PR of 420#. I recall last cycle I worked up to 405 and was happy about that, because 4 wheels. I felt at the time I could have done more, but was willing to just be happy at 4 wheels and stopped. I still have my shoulder/arm issues (more below), so I opted to be conservative here. My 375 set should have been for reps but I opted to just do a single because I really wanted the PR but not at the expense of my shoulder and arms. So singles it was, 15# jumps. 405 felt good, so I figured what the hey and went 420. Got it. Shut things down.

I’m happy with the PR, especially after Monday’s bench press failure.

So to that issue, my shoulder felt alright. Yes there was some pain, but as today didn’t involve lifing my arms up or moving them much, I think that helped. In fact, I felt kinda good afterwards because I could move through full range of motion with almost no pain. I have found it’s good to keep lifting — keep the body and blood moving, as it seems to help.

But my biceps are another story.

I’m finding my issues seem to be more with them. Something with the entire muscle itself (I think just the biceps brachii) seems to ache and hurt, especially where it attaches at the elbow. Last night I came home, gave Daughter a bear hug, and afterwards my biceps and tendon there really hurt. They ached all night. That concerns me.

Was this due to the rescue carry work we were doing? Was it stuff like the pull-ups hurting me? I’ve battled with bodyweight “hanging” exercises in the past, affecting my shoulders, arms, etc.. Could this be coming back again? I just don’t know at this time. But I can say my shoulder is still an issue, but doesn’t concern me. The biceps tho is a mystery and concerns me.

So Friday’s Press session? Just going to take it as it comes. I plan on going forward as usual. If things suck, I’ll stop or maybe turn it into a very light “pump” session to try to get more blood in the area; do more prehab work; etc.. Just going to take it as it comes.

7 thoughts on “2013-10-16 training log

  1. Just ran across your site. My Bench PR is 360, so I have some catching up to do. 🙂

    Sounds like we have a few things in common- ARs, RIBZ, lifting…

    Will follow your progress. Good luck!

      • Oh- I misread! What a goof!

        I destroyed my ankle this spring and have been slacking on lower body and cardio, so I’ve had some extra training days to fill…

        • No worries.

          I’ve read about programs like Smolov for your squat and Smolov Jr. for bench. I’ve always figured that when something gets injured, I’ll switch to one of those programs (for the uninjured half of my body) and do the same. 🙂

          • That’s what I did. A buddy of mine “put me on” a heavy bench program, and I made serious gains from it- but, it was a program that totally focused on the bench and assistance work.

            I’m going to spend the winter trying to get my lower body back without losing my upper gains.

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