Perspective – depends which way you look

I was so close to squatting 300#, but I had to reset my weights and technique because it was time.

Hey, we all have ego, and getting so close to that milestone then having to fall back… it’s a blow.

I’ll admit, part of me wants to squat over 300 because it just comes across better – three instead of two. Because even 299 isn’t as impressive as 300, despite the fact you’ll never notice the 1# on your back. It’s the same mental games as why they price things at $2.99 instead of $3.00.

300 feels like I’m being more serious, like I’ve accomplished more. When you have world-record raw squats over 1000#, when you have elite guys doing 700, 800, 900 pounds. Even when typical squat strength standards for someone of my weight is in the 400’s for advanced and 500’s for elite… you feel like 200? That’s not much, but 300 is just closer.

But I have to stop only looking forward. I should look the other way too.

We have so many people in our society that cannot bend over or squat down to pick something up off the floor. I see people struggle to just go up and down a step. I’m not talking elderly people. I’m not talking people with extraneous physical limitations (e.g. in a wheelchair). I’m talking young people. I’m talking about people too overweight and too out of shape. We sit behind desks all day long and our body goes to crap.

comparatively speaking, squatting 200# is a hell of an accomplishment.

It took me more than two decades of struggle to climb to those numbers. Regardless of how they compare to anyone else’s, they are mine, and I’m proud of them. I put in a lot of time and effort to reach them. I do not apologize for not “measuring up” to what someone else can do. The only person I need to measure up to each day, and get better than, is the competition I see in the mirror. That guy needs to be better today, than he was yesterday. And tomorrow, he needs to be a little bit better than he was today.

Paul Carter

I do it. I know lots of people do it, and have it done to them. Numbers are looked at compared against the upper echelon. There’s something to this as that’s how (world, national, state, gym) records are made. It also helps us see what we as humans are able to do and how much further we’re able to push ourselves and better ourselves. It shows how long the road is that we can choose to travel down: we can have a life-long journey, if we wish. But sometimes, it’s important to also turn around and look back at where you came from, and realize how far you’ve come.

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