AAR – KR Training – Basic Pistol 1 – 2013-05-11

This past Basic Pistol 1 @ KR Training was different, for me at least.

It was my first time as lead instructor. I’ve been an assistant instructor at KR Training for a number of years, and I’m happy in that capacity. But now I get to step up and do a little more. While the past some whiles I’ve done segments of the BP1 class, this was doing the whole thing and well… it didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted it. Others thought I did fine, and I know my critique is just me looking at myself and what I can do improve my own presentation and flow. Always looking for things I can do better.

That said, the class itself went really well.

First, the weather was perfect. It always seems the case: weather reports for rain, there’s rain Thursday or Friday, people get nervous… but then, it always clears up and is gorgeous. Rare is the Saturday class actually rained out, and often is the weather agreeable. This was a great day to be outside and on the range.

I always like reporting on demographics. This class was over two-thirds female. Had a couple mother-daughter. Had people from all walks of life, social background, ethnicity/race. I’m sorry, but the stereotype of “old white redneck guy” just isn’t the case.

This group of students was very engaged, asking a lot of questions going beyond the BP1 material. I hope to see everyone back for future classes!

I think the only bummer of the day was the fire ants. With all the recent rain, they were driven out of the dirt — mounds everywhere. Just had to tread carefully, and thankfully not too many mounds on the range.

Thank you all for coming out and entrusting us with your first steps on this journey.


11 thoughts on “AAR – KR Training – Basic Pistol 1 – 2013-05-11

      • I get to figure out a basic problem myself. For some reason I am “heeling” with a basic 1911 A1, but not with the Kimber or Glock. Oh well, on the road for a few months again.

        • Are the Kimber in Glock in .45 ACP? How does felt or perceived recoil compare? Just wild speculation the 1911 A1 might have (or might have the perception of) more recoil, thus your brain in trying to overcompensate?

          • The Glock is 10 Auto loaded hot, and the Kimber is 45 ACP. I doubt recoil is the issue though. More like the grips or something. I have been shooting 1911 A1 pistols for a very long time. I’ll figure it out though. Maybe have a video set up that I can review. I’ll let you know though.

          • Well, grip could very well be it. The way it’s sitting in your hand, it might not fit right… maybe there’s a gap between the backstrap and your palm, the recoil impulse doesn’t transmit the same way, bangs you up a little more. Could be slight, but enough for your brain to pick up and try to compenstate against. Heck, maybe swap the grip panels on the Kimber and the A1 and see what happens?

            All I can do from here is stab in the dark. 🙂

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