2013-04-22 training log

100 reps… I’m liking it.

Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 19, week 1

  • Work Set – Press (working max: 160#)
    • 2x5x45 (warmup)
    • 1x5x65
    • 1x5x80
    • 1x3x95
    • 1x5x115 (work)
    • 1x5x120
    • 1x7x140
  • Assistance – Press
    • 5 x 10 x 90/80/80/80/80
  • Assistance – Pull-ups (band assisted)
    • 5 x 10/10/6/5/4 x BW
  • 100 rep stuff – front plate raises, rope triceps pushdowns, hammer curls

Today was a fail of plate math 🙂 First work set was to be 105, I put on 115. That actually was because I had “week 2” stuff already entered into my iPhone tracker app and was accidentally looking at it instead of today’s session. But it felt really light, so cool. Just keep cranking. Then on my assistance pressing, should have been 80# but that was plate math fail and I put on 90. Oh well, no harm done.

Overall tho, I’m working on trying to push through barriers more. I think the 100 rep stuff is actually helping me there on the mental level. I mean, it’s not that heavy a weight, but when you move it that many times, oh yeah, your brain and muscles scream to stop. But the thing is, they want you to stop well short of when you can stop, and it’s easier to keep pushing here than with a heavier weight. So I just keep pushing until I physically couldn’t lift any more. I do think you have to work up to the 100 reps because I’ve been using the same weights for the past few workouts and am only just starting to actually hit 100 reps now. You really have to push through it.

It’s carrying over into the other assistance work. I mean, on the chins, I kept going until I truly couldn’t hold myself up any more. Yeah, probably not wise to always go for broke like this, but I’m feeling good. I have wondered if maybe a 3/5/1 split (like in the Powerlifting book) might be more useful for me to try so I can go heavy on the 3 and 1 weeks, but then on the 5 week just take it easy, hit prescribed reps, don’t kill it on assistance work, make sure it’s a work week but somewhat restful. We’ll see.

Meantime tho, jury is still out on the 100 rep stuff, but so far I’m enjoying it.

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