Should ignorant people be allowed to make laws and policy?

I have a serious question.

Should ignorant people be allowed to make laws and policy?

I’m sure to some it seems like a stupid question to ask. But I have to ask it, because I see so many people permitting the ignorant to make laws and policy, and I don’t understand why.

Noted firearms specialist and personal-safety expert “Shotgun Joe” Biden continues to dole out firearms and personal safety advice:

I said, “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

Full story (h/t TexasCHL). Emphasis added.

There’s more to the transcript, but I want to focus on the last part of Mr. Biden’s statement.

I’d like to hope one doesn’t need to understand the fundamental rules of firearm safety to understand how dangerous, reckless, careless, and potentially tragic Mr. Biden’s suggestion could be. If you have no idea what’s on the other side of that door, you have no business shooting through it.

Right now we have a terrible shooting story in the news, of Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius being accused of killing his girlfriend. Apparently he shot through a closed door without knowing who was behind it.


There’s tons of other things wrong with Mr. Biden’s comments, both the current ones and ones he’s made in the recent past. I’m at a point where I just don’t know if Biden is that ignorant of firearms and personal safety, or if he’s that smart and is trolling.

Either way, is this a person that should be in charge of making policy? That should be in charge of writing laws? Even if he is that smart and is trolling, is that how a politician should behave?

There are those who claim men cannot speak about abortion because, as men, they cannot understand women’s health issues. There are those who would find it ludicrous for climate-change deniers to set our environmental policy. Or that fundamentalist Christians should have any say over public school science curriculum. If such demonstrable and obvious ignorance on a topic is so unacceptable, why is it acceptable here?

If we seek true experts, people truly knowledgable in the field, when it comes to solving problems… why aren’t we doing that here? I don’t think Mr. Obama nor Mr. Biden has called Massad Ayoob or Tom Givens. Why would that be? Why wouldn’t actual public safety experts be consulted here?

Just because the end may wind up meeting your agenda, I cannot see how you can condone the means for getting there. For if you set the precedent that it’s OK for the ignorant to mandate policy when the policy serves you, just remember… karma’s a bitch.

6 thoughts on “Should ignorant people be allowed to make laws and policy?

  1. I’m somewhat dumbfounded. Firing a shotgun through a door?!? Not only is it inadvisable, it’ll likely land your ass in prison (and perhaps Hell, depending on where all that lead ends up). Open mouth, insert foot. Familiar territory for Biden.

  2. I think were I see the disconnect is here — “Either way, is this a person that should be in charge of making policy?”

    First off, there is a difference in policy and law. Policy is how the law is implemented would be a simple way of saying it.

    More importantly, no one person is or should be in charge of making laws. Laws should be developed based on the consensus of the governed. Not total agreement (Impossible) but the general agreement among the people is achieved then the law is updated to reflect it.

    A great example of this approach was M.A.D.D. in the 70s/80s and drunk driving. The nation decided that something should be done and then the people told their representatives to change the laws.

    Of course, that isn’t how people like Biden want to work or see their role. They don’t see themselves as our servants but as our leaders, our intellectual superiors who have to make the rules because we aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

    I fear involving ‘true experts’ in the matter of actual writing of policy or law except as a part of the overall debate. Let the ‘experts’ speak and the people weigh the evidence, the import of their words/emotions and make a decision. But their voice should be no greater than anyone else except by reason of superior argument.

    After all, the ‘true experts’ believed the earth was flat, the sun revolved around the earth and leeching people would drive out the bad spirits.

    • Fair enough.

      I think I was more railing against the fact Biden’s been put in charge of “gun policy” for The Administration… and is that right? is ignorance acceptable for someone that’s supposed to be “leading and setting policy”, if you will?

      But you’re really on the right track. But that’s also the problem today: they don’t listen to “we the people” any more.

  3. I’ll circle back around and answer your question; especially as you restated it.

    s ignorance acceptable for someone that’s supposed to be “leading and setting policy”, if you will?

    Short Answer – Yes
    Longer Answer – Yes if the population isn’t as ignorant, gullible or has been lied to by the policy makers/media.

    Long Answer — We absolutely shouldn’t reject the person when someone as ignorant as Joe Biden is put in charge of making policy. We should use that opportunity to point out how bad the advise is (fire both barrels, shoot through the door) and why. We should point out that the administratin could have put people with real world experience, knowledge and intelligence in place.

    But they chose not to.
    chose to put a person who lacks common sense in charge of how we exercise a Specifically Enumerated, Constitutionally Protected Right. And that tells us how much they respect our rights.

    So yes, ignorant people should be a part of the process because only by being part of the process do we see where they are ignorant (a condition that can be cured if they are willing) and where they are partisian political hacks like Biden.

    Joe Biden does not want to learn. Biden doesn’t want expert advice. Biden doesn’t want a law that protects the rights of the people while reducing crime. He could have that all just for the asking. He chooses not to. He could have a bipartisian effort, he chooses not to.

    You describe Biden as ignorant. I don’t. I think he knows exactly what he is saying and is or has been fully informed on the subject. I think what we are seeing is their true colors; nanny-statism and no regard for the individual liberties.

    • Well, he’s gone “full stupid” on this, so I have to imagine they are trolling and/or know exactly what they are doing.

      But yes, if nothing else, it’s good they’re finally getting themselves out in the open. But what troubles me more, is that it seems this is precisely what people want… not for me, but for all the other morons in this world (and not you…. no, you’re ok… it’s all those “other people”). *sigh* Yeah… that’s a conversation I’ve had a lot with “liberal” type people.

      Brian Enos said “freedom is letting things be”

      alas… no one wants to let things be any more.

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