Maybe next month

Alas, didn’t make it out to my first IDPA match this past weekend. Older 2 kiddos were sick, so I had to be Dad. Not a problem of course, family first. So it just meant more dry fire practice instead. Oh well… these things happen.

Just as well tho. I registered for an IDPA membership but haven’t heard anything back. I’ve tried contacting IDPA but received no response. It’s possible they have responded, but nothing by US Mail and maybe spam-filters caught email and I cleaned out the filters too quickly and missed it. I figure maybe start of the year, SHOT Show, they just were swamped. I’ll ping them next week and see.

2 thoughts on “Maybe next month

  1. It usually takes several weeks before they mail anything out. I think every IDPA club let you shoot first time with them without being a member so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    • I figured there’d be lag, but I’ve also tried directly contacting them with no reply… which is what bugs me a little more.

      But yes, I should be able to shoot without being official… that’s not a problem in the short term. Alas, didn’t happen… but at least the Kiddos are feeling better now.

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