This is why your prescription glasses are insufficient

No, nothing gruesome… just sobering.

Andrew from the Vuurwapen Blog did a guest post over at LuckyGunner reviewing eye protection. In fact, he didn’t just review, he put a lot of eyewear to the test.

The thing is, there’s so much eyewear out there it’s almost impossible to test them all, so he took a good sampling and tried to focus more on protection standards, like ANSI Z87.

What’s most interesting is to look at the picture of prescription glasses and non-safety-rated sunglasses getting smacked. First, the pictures are pretty… it’s really cool to see all that glass flying everywhere. Second, the pictures are sobering, because of all that glass flying everywhere.

I’ve worn prescription eyeglasses since about the 1st grade. I do not think your prescription glasses are sufficient protection at the gun range (and I’m talking about typical prescription glasses, not people who go and get special prescription shooting glasses that are made for impact and so on). Typical prescription glasses are small lenses, offer no protection from the side, and geez… do you really want your lenses messed up? You spent how many hundreds of dollars on your glasses… don’t you want to take care of them? A piece of brass dings them, nicks the lens, and boy… that sucks. When you could get some basic safety glasses that fit over your prescription glasses for just a few bucks and save yourself a lot of pain and cost.

And… after seeing Andrew’s pictures, I guess there’s a lot more about your vision that you can save too.

Please, don’t think your prescription glasses or your cheap sunglasses are sufficient eye protection. Get some proper safety glasses and WEAR THEM when you shoot.

I just wish there were more/better options for us folks that want “over the glasses” style stuff. The Guardian Pro have served me well and I’m pleased with them, I just wish there were more choices.

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