New shooting glasses

I wear prescription glasses.

When I shoot guns, I wear safety glasses over my prescription glasses. Yes, prescription glasses with polycarbonate lenses offer some level of eye protection from impact, but I don’t consider it adequate — better than nothing, but far from ideal. Reason being, most prescription eye glasses aren’t certified to handle impact, and I don’t really feel like the glasses breaking and potentially making the situation worse. As well, a lot of modern prescription glasses are designed to look good, not to adequately protect. For example, they might be rimless, only being held in by a bit of fishing line. Or the lenses are made very small thus they don’t provide a lot of coverage from the front — no common prescription glasses are going to provide protection from the side, and how many of us have been on the firing line with someone to our left and their ejected brass landing on us? Besides, if say my gun opted to spontaneously disassemble itself, it’s going to be expensive enough to replace the gun let alone a few hundred dollars more to replace my glasses… which I may need in order to drive myself home! I’d rather sacrifice a $10-$20 pair of safety glasses than my prescription glasses. Yes, sometimes when I shoot I just wear my glasses (e.g. when I’m out hunting), but on the whole I prefer to wear safety glasses.

The trouble is, I wear prescription glasses, and most safety glasses are designed for people who don’t wear glasses. *sigh*  You can find inexpensive shop glasses at the hardware that will go over glasses, but they suck… they never fit well, they’re uncomfortable, they fog, they just suck. Better than nothing tho, and I have a couple of pairs because for short-term needs they certainly work or are easy to have on hand for other people to use.

I was happy when, a couple of years ago, I saw these glasses advertised in the NRA Store. I picked up a pair of both the clear and the tinted, and have been using them as my shooting glasses ever since. I’ve been generally pleased with them. I will say they are large, and so they should fit over most glasses and onto most faces. But because they are large, they also may not fit you tight enough. I know around my temple area there’s just enough of a gap… and one time a piece of ejected brass from the guy to my left hit my head JUST right and entered the glasses! That was a bit of a surprise and scary moment. Plus, the tinting on the lenses has gotten all scratched up… but that’s more my own fault for not putting them into some sort of case. The scratching has gotten pretty bad, and this past weekend I notice one of the stems had a crack in it, so it’s only a matter of time before they fall apart. Time to get new glasses.

Of course, my initial reaction was to go back to the NRA Store and pick up the same, but… there’s got to be something else out there. I don’t feel like going the prescription route because honestly, it’s too expensive for me to try to maintain multiple expensive sets of prescription glasses as the prescription changes over the years. So, cheap “overs” will have to do.

But I found this: Safety Glasses USA and they have a whole section for over-the-glasses safety glasses!

Multiple models, styles, tints, sizes, features. Quite a nice selection.

I’m going to order their “Guardian Pro Over-The-Glass Safety Glasses with Gray Anti-Fog Lens”. It comes in three sizes: medium, medium-large, and large. I don’t know which will fit me best, so I’m going to order all three. I will pick the smallest one that works. I want to have it as tight as possible to my head so that 1. it minimizes chances for something to get in there, 2. I don’t look like a giant bug. 🙂

FWIW, I’m chosing that particular model because 1. they go over the glasses, full coverage on all sides, 2. they have tint, so should be nice on sunny Texas days, 3. anti-fog is useful, because we’ll sweat a lot on those sunny Texas days, 4. they appear to be similar to the NRA glasses I currently have in terms of form factor, so they hopefully will fit the same and be about the same level of comfort.

When I get them in, I’ll of course try things out and give a further review here.


13 thoughts on “New shooting glasses

  1. I never liked glasses over glasses, because I always have issues of fit, comfort, retention, etc.

    I use a pair of Adidas sport sunglasses (the closest one presently for sale is the Supernova Pro) with a prescription insert. It came with an amber and a clear lense, wraps around my eye, and the prescription insert takes the place of the nose bridge. European made. It works pretty well. I helped that I have someone in the business who got them for me for cost.

    • See, that’s the thing… didn’t cost you much.

      For me, it’d be buying my normal prescription glasses, then buying another set of prescription safety glasses. It doesn’t work out for me to have to keep both pairs up, even tho my prescription hasn’t changed much in years.

      The NRA glasses worked out alright for me and I’ve been OK with that approach. No I don’t find it the most ideal, but it works well enough.

  2. I’ve had prescription sports sunglasses from a bunch of different vendors. The Oakleys I have now are the most awesomely awesome glasses of any kind I’ve ever had. They are wraparound, cut so that the correction works all the way around, better than the flattish lens most regular glasses have. I see better with them than I do with my regular glasses. Worth every dollar I paid for them.

    • Better than your regular glasses? That’s nice.

      Really for me, it’s a matter of money. When 4 people in the family wear glasses, it’s expensive enough on an annual basis.

      • I contacted them and a Paul Stables replied to me saying:

        Dear John,

        Fitovers Eyewear pass the ANSI standard for sunglasses in the USA. You
        may view information on lens technology from our website

        Fitovers Eyewear are not rated as a safety glass.

        Thank you for contacting Fitovers Eyewear.

        So there we go. They make for stylish sunglasses, but not suitable for shooting.

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  4. Hi John,

    I work for a manufacturer of fitover sunglasses. This blog was forwarded to me by a colleague.

    We get several requests for fitover safety eyewear. In fact, we make a line called LightGuard. You can purchase from several online retailers, but I would be happy to send you a sample if you would add a review to your blog.

    I’m new to this blog so please let me know how I can contact you privately for shipping details.

    • Hi Mark.

      I’d be happy to take a look at your eyewear. But before I do, I’d like to ensure a few things are known, clear, and agreed to.

      I write this blog for myself. It’s a personal blog, and on it I write what I want and how I want to. I do product reviews, but generally because it’s something I purchased on my own and just want to write about it; I know people find things like that useful, so I’m just adding my take to the world. But when I do this, I give it whatever honest assessment I feel it’s due. If it sucks, I’ll say it sucks. I will not pull punches nor mask nor censor things away nor take down unfavorable reviews, because that’s really not right. I don’t have advertisers nor sponsors to have to care about, and I won’t kowtow to them or really anyone, especially for the sake of a product (my integrity matters more than money); the ads on my blog are just because of wordpress, nothing specific that I do. But on the same token, if it’s great, I’ll say it’s great. Honesty is honesty, integrity is integrity.

      As well, if someone sends me something, there’s no promise nor guarantee I’ll try the product or post a review. Again, it’s a personal blog and I really have no obligations here. Now in this particular case, if you send me something I probably will review it and post about it, merely because I do care about eye protection and it’ll be easy enough to try out the product next time I’m at the gun range (which is often enough). I don’t go out of my way to avoid things; it’s just a matter of time and priorities in life since again this is a personal blog (not a business venture). But again, I think in a case like this, chances are good I can give your product a shot.

      If you’re good with all of that, let me know (just reply comment), and we can go from there.


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