Carrying the Shield

So I bought that S&W M&P Shield, but I haven’t carried it much. Oh sure, I wore it a bit in the beginning to get some initial impressions, but after that and a few range trips it’s mostly sat. I guess the novelty wore off. 😉

Truth be told, I bought the Shield for 2 reasons. First, I bought it for teaching. At KR Training we see a lot of students with small and/or weak hands, and I wondered if this might help those people. So far, it’s panning out well in the area, and I’m pleased. I’ll continue to bring it to classes like our Basic Pistol 1 & 2 to let people shoot and use as a loaner, if they fall into that “small and/or weak hands” niche. Second, I bought it because I thought I might have personal need, but so far that need hasn’t panned out.

The thing is, if you’ve got a choice, why choose the lesser? The Shield (in 9mm) has 7 round and 8 round magazines… so at best you get 8+1, whereas a full-sized M&P gets me (in theory) 17+1. Why would I choose 8 if I could have more than twice that? Of course, context and situation dictates, but like I said, if you CAN choose the greater, why wouldn’t you? And so, I’ve been carrying my full-sized M&P because I can.

That said, I think in the interest of science I’d do well, especially as a service to students, to carry it a bit more and see how it pans out. Or the real way to read this? I bought a holster and mag pouch from Comp-Tac and they’ve been sitting on my desk untouched for a month, so I need to finally do something with them. 😉

Of course, I’ll write about how things go. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Carrying the Shield

  1. Hey if you decide you don’t need the holster/mag pouch, you can always send it to me because I love my Shield. I am glad you suggested it at class since I am one of the”small hand” people. Keep bringing it to classes because I am sure there are others like me. You are a good instructor since you try to make things work better for your students.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      We’ve been searching for reasonable solution for some time. I mean, like you experienced in class we have some guns to loan that work better for such folks, but it may not pan out to an ideal solution for them after class. We do still need more data about the Shield on the small/weak hand front, so certainly I’ll keep bringing it to class. This is a joy of a free market… we can work to find solutions for everyone, no “one size fits none” approach. 🙂

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