Workouts? Not this week

After doing what I did to my lower back on Monday, I have opted to take the rest of the week off from the gym.

I felt better yesterday morning and I feel even better this morning, but it’s not totally gone. A steady diet of heat, stretching, foam rolling, and Aleve. 🙂  I figure there’s no reason to rush back into the gym. I’ll start fresh on Monday.

Meantime tho, I have opted to reset. I came up with new weight values, and I’ll start on these and start a fresh Wendler cycle on Monday. I debated adjusting my assistance weights, but given the back issues I will adjust those down too. Just adjust and reset everything. And if the weights are too light, put a little “dynamic effort” behind them.

2 thoughts on “Workouts? Not this week

  1. Rest up mate and good on you for taking the time to listen toy our body. I have been down this path too many times recently and wish I could back and do what you are doing here! Also as you stated: Excellent time to re-work the number and start a new cycle. Be well and take care!!!

    • Thanx for the well-wishes.

      In my younger years I probably would have forged ahead. But I’m older and falling apart now, and supposed to be doing this gym stuff to improve my health. So I figure avoiding (bad) pain is a wise thing. 🙂

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