But they won’t listen to him

Kip Hawley, former head of the TSA, “has said that the country’s airport security system is a broken mess making travelling ‘an unending nightmare’ for passengers.”

How refreshing. From the full article:

Kip Hawley, who was head of the TSA from 2005-2009, has argued that the system would be more effective if it embraced more risk including allowing passengers to bring almost anything on board including knives, liquids and lighters.

Hawley criticises the current procedure for reducing airport security into an ‘Easter-egg hunt’ where TSA officers look out for low-risk prohibited items, such as lighters, rather than focusing on disrupting terror plots.

And that it has. Countless stories of people getting lighters confiscated but more “deadly” items getting right through. Where’s security in that? But some politician feels better about it.

If you read the full article at the WSJ, it goes even deeper, and with a reasonable conclusion:

To be effective, airport security needs to embrace flexibility and risk management—principles that it is difficult for both the bureaucracy and the public to accept. The public wants the airport experience to be predictable, hassle-free and airtight and for it to keep us 100% safe. But 100% safety is unattainable. Embracing a bit of risk could reduce the hassle of today’s airport experience while making us safer at the same time.

That’s right. 100% safety is unattainable. But if perhaps if they can focus on major risk instead of Easter Egg hunts, if the citizenry can accept that you can’t live life in a protective bubble and perhaps are willing to accept some self-responsiblity for one’s own safety… maybe we could make life a little less hellish again.

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