6 stupid gun myths – debunked

The lists over at cracked.com can be hit or miss, but  here’s one that strikes the bullseye.

6 Stupid Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

#6 – Dropped guns go off

No, they don’t. Well sure, anything mechanical can fail, and there are some types of guns that are not drop-safe. But on the whole, today’s modern guns are drop-safe and will not go off if dropped.

So folks… if you drop a gun, let it fall. Do NOT try to catch it, because that tends to end up with fingers pressing triggers… and then yes, it will go off.

#5 – Ceramic guns are a thing

No, they’re not.

#4 – Bullets make everything spark.

No, they don’t. But Hollywood needs that drama so you can know there’s a gunfight going on.

It’s kinda like the way Hollywood portrays suppressors… sorry, “silencers” as making no noise at all, but they dub in that “thwap” sound because we need some sort of noise to know it was making no noise, right?

#3 – Shotguns are room-clearing murder factories

I’ve addressed this many times on my blog (use search feature). They don’t spray clouds of death. You do have to aim shotguns.

#2 – Deadly on the gun range = deadly in real life

Nope. Cardboard doesn’t shoot back, and the stress/pressure is never going to be the same.

#1 – Bullets turn people into pulp

Not even a little bit. Check this FBI report on a police shootout (contains some autopsy photos). 107 rounds fired (.40 S&W, .223 Hornady TAP), and he was far from pulp. In fact, read through that whole report as it’s rather telling about the realities.

Determined individuals can sustain many gunshot wounds in areas that produce great pain and continue to fight a long time, even without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

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