2012-04-09 workout – Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 8, Press 1

And so begins month 2 of the “BBB 3 Month Challenge”. Also my 8th cycle on Wendler 5/3/1.

“Week 1” – BBB 3 Month Challenge

  • 5 reps – Press (working max: 160#)
    • 2x5x45 (warmup)
    • 1x5x65
    • 1x5x80
    • 1x3x95
    • 1x5x105 (work)
    • 1x5x120
    • 1x5x140
  • Asst. #1A – Bench Press
    • 5 x 10 x 140
  • Asst. #1B – Chinups (supersetted with Bench Press)
    • 5 x 4/4/3/2.5/2.5 x BW
  • Asst. #2 – Face Pulls
    • 3 x 12 x 65
  • Asst. #3 – DB Hammer Curls
    • 3 x 10/9/8 x 35
  • Foam Rolling

Yeah… month 2 is where the challenge really starts. 🙂 Assistance weights go up to 60% now. Bench press isn’t a big deal for me, but others… we’ll see how it goes.

All in all, the pressing went fine. I wasn’t in a good groove this morning (slept weird last night) and my form wasn’t as good as it should have been in either pressing movement. But you get through and do what you have to do.

Chin-ups move to 4 reps across, but as you can see I didn’t get there. In fact, I’m upset that I dropped to “2.5” reps on the last 2 sets. The only people recording half-reps are those that can’t do enough (which is me), but I want to remember them because I am getting up there, can’t get all the way… hold it… hold it… hold it… then slow lower. So it’s still some sort of work, and I’m hoping it will be something that helps get me over the hump towards more full reps.

All that extra work from the chins, the face pulls… it didn’t leave me with much in the tank for the curls, but meh.. it’s curls. I thought about dropping down to 30’s and trying to get 10-12 reps instead, but no… just stay with this. This is a challenge, so keep moving along.

Next workout is going to be… interesting. Squats assistance… should kick my ass. 🙂

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