M&P, shooting drills

It’s now been 2 weeks of carrying the M&P9 and it’s more and more comfortable every day.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve wanted to do more shooting drills with it because I just haven’t. It’s been most “utility” shooting and steel shooting.

So this past Saturday while out at KRT I shot some drills.

The first drill I shot was Karl’s “3 Seconds or Less” drill. No major problems in shooting the drill, tho weak-hand-only shooting still needs work. More on this later.

The second drill I shot wasn’t a drill per se, but was Paul Howe’s set of Pistol Instructor standards. I couldn’t shoot #9 since I didn’t have a rifle to transition from. I also forgot to do #10 because of other things going on at the range.

In general tho, all things went well. Shot well, time to spare. All is good… except weak hand.

I’ve been doing a LOT of dry fire lately. Ever since I got the M&P I’ve been striving to dry fire every day, and it’s paying off. But I can see where my dry fire has been helping and where it hasn’t. I say hasn’t because I’ve been focusing a lot on trigger press and sights, not so much on the draw and present. Some presentation, but not from draw nor under time pressure. In general I was fine, but it showed up worst with weak-hand-only. Timer goes off, I didn’t get a good grip, didn’t get the press-out well enough, and then yanked the trigger since my grip sucked. Conversely, we were over on the steel range shooting at the small hostage target plate some 20-ish yards away. First thing in the morning Tom challenged me to shoot it weak-hand-only cold. Nailed it. 🙂  Then that morning and then during the break between classes we did more, and I was shooting alright… not 100% but certainly far better than I have. But it was all slow “take your time” shots (e.g. take 3-5 seconds to get the shot off). Of course that’s alright, but when I put the pressure of the timer on me I wasn’t getting the grip firm and consequently blowing the shots. *sigh*

And so, I see what I need to work on. Not just weak hand, but weak-hand under pressure.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to shoot much more because other things were happening on the other range that were quite interesting, and I got pulled over into that. Thus I didn’t get to shoot more drills (tho I did shoot more steel, both the slow weak-hand-only and then a bunch of two-handed fast), nor shoot on paper to see how she was grouping and how POI vs POA was faring. But I’m not sweating it too much because overall everything appears to be going where I told it to go: it’s more geeky minutia interest that I have in wanting to know that information. Oh and Karl… sorry… in getting distracted I totally forgot to take down my targets.

I really like this gun. I would say I shoot it just a hair better than my XD-9.

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