Technology failures

Too much computer fail right now.

Time-Warner Cable’s RoadRunner Internet has been horrible for me lately. It’ll be up for a while, then go down for a few minutes, then back up, then back down, and just repeat this for too long. That’s been going on for some weeks but I tried to do my best to ignore it. But then yesterday she gave up the ghost. I’m guessing the modem has failed, or something bigger. It’s not an outage, it’s local. Tech won’t come until Wednesday.

This doesn’t bode well for someone who works from home and relies upon Internet connectivity.

It’s good that my day job has me writing connection manager software, so I have lots of 3G/4G USB dongles around. I set up an old iMac with one of the 4G dongles and turned on Internet Sharing to share the 4G connection through the Ethernet port. Then hooked my router up to that iMac. And viola… the household is back online, every device. It’s a lot slower, but at least we can limp along for now.

And then on my server… one of the hard drives is making a funny noise. It’s failing. The bad part is, as I powered everything off to remove the failing drive, when I tried to power it back up it wouldn’t power up. So is the drive failing or the power supply? And a couple other drives in similar enclosures also made the same noise upon turning them back on, but they aren’t repeatedly making the noise. This doesn’t bode well. I’ll be calling Other World Computing this morning to talk about it and figure out a solution.

What with the flooding in Asia and how it’s affected the hard drive market, I was so hoping to avoid buying a hard drive for the next couple years until things recovered. Alas…

Oh what fun.


4 thoughts on “Technology failures

  1. From what I have heard, OPAL spec drives are not hit by the same constraints that regular drives have. Dunno if a self-encrypting drive will be worth a damn in a server, though.

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