2012-01-06 workout – Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 5, Deadlift 2

I didn’t do jack, but what I did do was good.

“Week 2”

  • “3 reps” – Deadlift (working max: 305#)
    • 1x5x125 (warmup)
    • 1x5x155
    • 1x3x185
    • 1x3x215 (work)
    • 1x3x245
    • 1x10x280
  • GPP – Elliptical
    • Tabata style (20 sec. 120-130 strides per minute, 10 sec. 80-ish strides per minute)
    • 2 minutes slow (warmup)
    • 8 “reps” (8 reps is one Tabata set)
    • 2 minutes slow (cooldown)
  • DeFranco Agile 4 – just foam rolling
  • Grip
    • 3x10xT, 2 sec. hold between reps
    • 3x3x#1, 2 sec. hold between; after last set last rep, 10 sec hold

I opted to do a “ain’t doing jack shit” today. Two reasons. First, I have a busy day today and need all the added time I can get. Second, the chins I did on Wednesday? I used a narrow grip. The reason I take a slightly-wider-than-shoulder-width grip on the pulldowns is to be nicer to my shoulder. So why in the world I opted for the narrow grip here I don’t know. But between that, going to a full dead hang and relaxing my shoulder instead of at least keeping the shoulder socket tight, THEN adding in some poor posture and left-arm-resting stuff on my desk on Wednesday? My left shoulder said ‘fuck you’. It feels a LOT better this morning, but I know with the bar positioning on Good Mornings and then hanging for the HipLeg raises well, if I’m healing up I’d rather heal up than aggrevate it more. So I just cut things out today.

As for deadlifts, that went well. I can tell my grip is getting stronger because the holds were just really secure. I even thought about not doing the last set with a mixed grip but opted to keep the mixed grip because I wanted to ensure I got 10 reps and didn’t want to risk having to switch mid-way. Cranking out the 10 reps was hard, but I wasn’t going to accept anything less. My back and hips were dying, the last couple reps I paused for a couple seconds before I pulled again. But I was going to get 10! I got 10. I’m happy. Well on my way to breaking 300#.

On the elliptical today, I experimented a bit more. I set the angle at “10” and found the resistance level goes up to 20! When I cranked it to 20, whoa… you really have to push hard to move things, so that’s cool. I opted to put it on 10 today and see how it went. It was reasonable. I wasn’t huffing and puffing, but my heart rate was up and I was getting a good long work. This felt a lot more natural to me, didn’t have that “floating” feeling. I’m not sure how I’ll change things next time: up the angle, up the resistance. Probably the resistance because according to the little “computer” on the machine, greater angle stresses the glutes more and the thighs less. I want to spread the pain around and have maximum recruitment, so according to the little computer “12” is about the most angle I should go. I could also up the tempo, but I think the tempo is alright… tho don’t hold me to those tempo numbers as I realized I forgot exactly what they were by the time I got home to write this entry. Anyways, I think the elliptical may well work out, I just have to keep working to find the right settings to push me like I want.

I did the grip crushers on the way home. As you can see, I upped the workload. I see little reason to continue working with the “S” gripper, so I might put that in my gun range bag to show to students as a way to work on increasing their grip strength (since it’s not too hard to do but is more than the cheap ones you get at the sporting goods stores). Of course, the grip workout today was a little easier because I didn’t have the extra work that comes from the HipLeg raises. But I do need to get a #2 and eventually work that into the mix. Still, I can tell my grip is getting stronger because of what I did today. Back when I got them in November my left hand couldn’t fully crush #1 and my right could crush #1 if I was fresh. Now here I am today, the grip work from deadlifting, then working 3x10xT, and then still being able to do 3×3’s with the #1? Yeah, getting stronger.

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