Saw this article posted to the ArtOfManliness website last night: Blacksmithing Basics.

I don’t know why, but I’ve wanted to try blacksmithing. It’s been a desire for a couple years now, ever since I discovered that Pioneer Farms offered classes in it. They have a Basic, Advanced, and then a Knife Making class. I’d want to take all 3, because I think the knife-making would be cool.

It’s on my slate for 2012 to take the class, tho I’ll probably wait until Fall to take it (my Spring is already booked fairly solid). Would love for Oldest to join me in the class; he said “maybe” which means I’m just going to force him to do it. He’ll groan, he’ll protest, then I’ll catch him enjoying it and he’ll be happy for having taken it. Kids…. 🙂

Why take it? I have no idea. It just seems cool. Maybe this is my mid-life crisis. Instead of buying a red sports car and trying to act like a kid again, I’m embracing more manly things like powerlifting and blacksmithing. I probably should learn how to weld too (another thing I’ve wanted to learn and may eventually take a class in as well). I don’t really know how it will parlay into anything useful in my life, but who says everything we do in life has to be immediately useful? Who knows where this may take me, but if nothing else, it sure looks like fun.

4 thoughts on “Blacksmithing

  1. Same here. I have done a fair amount of home knifemaking doing stock removal, and using blade blanks and kits. But I would LOVE to learn the old ways of fire and steel.

    And welding is a great skill to have. I was lucky that I had a job right out of college (Using that degree to it’s fullest!) welding bumpers and grill guards. ACC has a great class on welding. I have had a few friends take the class and say it was worthwhile.

    • Every time I get an ACC “continuing education” catalog in the mail I flip through it and yes, that’s where I thought about doing the welding course. Someday. It’s hardly pressing for me, but sits in the back of my head as something to do one of these days.

  2. I’ve forged a few knives and other tools in my time, but it’s been about 20 years since I used to do it. Also did all my own annealing, heat treating, and tempering.
    I’ve never been much good at woodworking, but I always worked well with metal. I used to use oxy-acetylene quite a bit also, and had a delicate touch using a cutting torch.

    • Cool!

      I actually thought about the woodworking thing a bit. Not so much doing it, but I have some friends that have nice garage shops and make furniture as a hobby. I always thought that’d be cool to do, but woodworking itself doesn’t appeal to me… but for some reason, this blacksmithing thing does.

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