Morning Excitement

Some excitement this early morning in South Austin:

Following two stolen cars, two house burglaries and shots fired from police, a suspect is now barricaded inside a home on Brodie Lane — to which SWAT teams are responding.

Full Story, with last update at 9:38 AM this morning. I’m sure more information will be coming as the morning progresses.

Looks like someone broke into a house, stole a car. Police responded, found the car. Suspect bailed, went into another house, stole their car, attempted to ram police, shots fired, suspect bailed, presently holed up in a house. SWAT responding.

This is going down about a mile from my house.

Some take homes:

  • Bad things can happen any time. It started around 5:30 AM, and is currently in progress (as of my writing this).
  • All of the neighborhoods where the various break-ins and thefts occurred? They’re all “good neighborhoods”, generally well-off people. Crime can happen anywhere, not just in “bad areas”. Sure statistics might say one thing, but statistics are of little comfort when you’re the anomaly.
  • Are you prepared for such events? You’re probably just waking up around that time, walking around the house in your PJ’s and robe. If someone came bursting through your door, would you be able to handle it? It’ll all go down in a matter of seconds, and you’ll likely spend a good portion of those first few seconds overcoming surprise and trying to process what’s happening, which means you’re really behind the curve. Can you make up for lost time? It’s one reason why I carry always — even at home — because shit happens in an instant, and the faster I can respond the better. Taking 3-5 seconds to run to find my pistol/rifle/shotgun is potentially too much time spent/wasted.
  • Consider other lines of defense. A home alarm may not have been of much use in this situation because it sounds like the suspect was in a rush and just burst into the nearest house — alarm wouldn’t deter, police were already alert and on-scene, but it would notify you if say you were in another part of the house. A good and useful defensive dog (not just a yippy dog) might be more useful here, if it’s in the dog’s nature to actively guard, chase, and otherwise “dive in” to drive the offender away.
  • I wonder how, under his time pressures, the suspect was able to break into the latter two houses. I wonder about the state of the homes. Were doors unlocked? Were the homes occupied? Where was entry made? Could something have been done to make it more difficult? No way to know at this point, but I wonder.

2 thoughts on “Morning Excitement

  1. Yeah, I heard about that, and since my homestead is not far from there (and connected to the area via greenbelts), I called the wife to tell her to lock and load. I think this is finally what as needed to convince her that the safest place to keep her gun is on her belt at all times.

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