Oh the pain

I love Apple. You know that. Without Apple, I’m not sure what sort of life and career path I would have taken.

But… I’ve held off on upgrading to Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and Xcode 4 for numerous reasons. One is because my day job’s requirements still need some older OS support so we had to hang back on Xcode 3 (which won’t work under Lion). But the other is all the reports of the hell, dreck, and problems in the upgrades.

I’m now in a position where I have to upgrade one dev machine to Lion and Xcode 4 in order to work on some cutting edge iOS stuff.

Oh it hurts.

The worst part of Lion is switching how scrolling works. I understand why it was done, but it still sucks. (Yes I know I can change it).

And then Xcode 4… oh, for all its improvements, all the changes are huge. It’s killing my productivity to make the adjustment. All day long I’ve been dealing with the New World Order of Lion and Xcode 4, and let’s just say I haven’t been all that productive… tho if I could count the string of obscenities spewing from my mouth as productive, then I guess productivity is at an all time high.


It’s just a matter of adapting and getting used to it all. I know. And if this is the worst problem in my life, then life’s pretty good.

Still.. just had to vent.

I keep saying it will all be better, that 10.7.4 or .5 will fix a bunch of things. That Xcode 4.3 will bring back User Scripts. But I’m not holding my breath.

4 thoughts on “Oh the pain

  1. Heh, my home computer still runs Windows XP (yes, I’m a Windows person, heathen that I am), we’ve had Win7 in the house for over a year now, I’ll upgrade eventually, honest…..but yah, Husband’s computer is upgraded, and when I have to use it, the Win7 format drives me nuts (why in heck did they have to change how THAT works!!!!), I know I’ll adapt once I upgrade, but gosh I’m not looking forward to it!

    • I remember when everyone was quite happy with Windows NT 3.51.

      Now look at the mess.

      Vista was horrible. Windows 7 isn’t as horrible, but there’s still so much about XP that’s less burdensome and problematic. Frankly if you can hang on, hang on. 🙂

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