2011-10-26 workout

Short, but good.

“Week 2”

  • 3 reps – Deadlift (working max: 285#)
    • 1x5x115
    • 1x5x145
    • 1x3x175
    • 1x3x200 (work)
    • 1x3x230
    • 1x8x260
  • Asst. #1 – Good Morning
    • 3 x 10 x 65
  • Asst. #2 – Hanging Knee Raises
    • 3x8xBW
  • Metcon – jump rope
    • None

I had to cut today short. My Dad is in town visiting, so we’ve been running around a lot and I was pooped last night. Woke up later than usual this morning, and have to meet Dad for brunch today so… had to just get to the gym and get out. I didn’t want to do the “I ain’t doing jack shit” variant, but just did a few time-savers.

Deadlift was good. I won’t say 1x8x260 is a PR; 1x5x265 is my current “most I’ve moved”. But certainly I can say I’m stronger and well on my way to next deadlift session, moving 275 and I will set a nice PR with that I know. As mentioned before, I had some grip problems with my left hand, so I’ve been working to ensure my grip on everything I do remains a “closed fist” grip, no slipping into “hooks”. That helped a bunch (no wedding ring on either while I deadlifted), but when I got to rep 5 of the 260 I felt things slipping. As soon as the weight touched floor I switched to mixed grip (left hand, underhand) and kept pulling. This is the first time I ever used mixed grip and well… I probably shouldn’t have just dove into it. Nothing really bad happened, but just going “cold” like that could have been a problem, a little risky. It certainly helped, but part of the reason I only pulled 3 more was my brain was overloaded with lots of feelings and thoughts about the mixed grip, like “wow, that does make a HUGE difference!” “this is cool!” “hrm, that does put a lot of stress on the bicep, I can see why people get tears” and things like that. So the brain was just going too much so I opted to stop. I think next deadlift session I’ll do everything mixed just to get more experience with it. Likely my routine will be overhand with good closed fists (no hooks) but go mixed on the PR set. Apart from that, the deadlifts felt great, strong.

Good mornings and the knee raises I opted to only do 3 sets of each, and to superset them. This was in the interest of time. GM’s felt alright, 65 was good, probably go to 75 next time and work to a weight that actually works me BUT still ensures I work to stretch the hams… that’s more important right now, to get the proper range of motion. I’d rather slowly work up. Knee raises are quite happy; I pretty much accomplished the 3×8 across with little swing and just full body involvement and getting the knees up there the whole time. Quite awesome; getting stronger. I did notice my left grip starting to falter on the last couple reps of set 3 tho.

As for why the left problems… could be a matter of pure weakness there. But I’ve also wondered… I donate blood fairly regularly, and always have them poke my left arm. Could that be a factor? e.g. nerves poked? arm not up to snuff? I doubt it’s an issue, but I do wonder because I know the arm feels a little weaker for a few days afterwards. *shrug*