Being prepared – bug out bag

If there’s anything this wildfire situation has demonstrated, it’s that I’m not as prepared as I thought I was.

Sure, we have some preparations in place for sitting tight, like if bad weather rolled through, could we sit tight on the homefront with extra water, food and so on. There are certainly some areas here where we could tighten things up, but we’re alright.

But we’re just not as prepared to bail if we have to. We thought we were, we’re not.

Oh sure, we can get it together, but consider the fires. Here’s raw footage from the Bastrop fires showing how fast a fire can spread:

If a fire broke out in the greenbelt behind our house, we have to leave NOW. Can we do that? Well, we can leave, but we’d be almost empty-handed.

I’ve looked into the concept of “bug-out-bags” for a while, but it was something that always got pushed down the priority list because other things took greater priority. But now? No… it can’t be a lower priority any more: it has to be up at the top.

The helpful thing? Wife has bought into the concept. I have to admit, that it’s sometimes hard to get things going in the household when I’m the only one that buys into it. But if Wife buys into it too, that helps the Kiddos buy into it, and so when everyone’s behind it, things have a better chance of getting done and staying a priority. Plus I think the reality of the fires made things more concrete for the kids, because well… they’re kids, they just don’t have the life experience to put things into perspective, but this sure gave them that perspective.

So, we’re going to be picking up our prep efforts in this area. Building bug-out-bags, and just being prepared. Because well… we hope to never need them, but we’ll be so thankful to have them if we do. It’s just like anything in life: the better prepared you are for when something happens — especially something that catches you by surprise — the better off you’ll be.

7 thoughts on “Being prepared – bug out bag

  1. We had exactly the same realization on Sunday: we’re reasonably set to “bug in”, but not so well prepared to evacuate, either in a car or on foot. After making a pile on the living room floor and a list of what we’d like to have, we’ve got some thinking, reading, shopping, and packing to do.

    • Yup! I don’t expect we’ll have it all done by the end of the weekend, and I even expect over the years we’ll refine and change things. But it’s certainly good to get this in our heads. In fact, I think the better thing is how it’ll affect the kids and get them to behave for the rest of their lives. 🙂

  2. Our BOB starts at the gun safe. Not for guns but the bottom shelf. We have an XL FedEx envelope that contains the most important papers. That way they are protected somewhat in case we are at work and a fire comes through.

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