It’s gone

It’s final. It’s official.

I have sold my motorcycle.


She’s been sitting in the garage for a long long time. I haven’t been riding for numerous reasons, but if nothing else… it’s just not a priority any more. Maybe someday it will be again. And in a way, I hope it will.

But for now, this is ok.

In fact, I’m happy about the buyer. Young guy (tho not too young); comes off as responsible, trustworthy, and a good guy (I was able to check him out a bit and when I discovered his day job well… that made it easy to know a lot of good about him). He’s just getting into riding. I remember what that was like… this was my first bike too. Plus he’s going to do his own wrenching, so I threw in all sorts of stuff like the jack and special bike tools. I also gave him a jacket, Draggin Jeans, a bunch of DVD’s (the Ride like a Pro series), a bunch of books on riding technique and maintenance. I mean, he got a ton of stuff and quite a deal. He’s pretty well set to start riding. 🙂  Yeah, I could have sold all that stuff on its own, but eh… it helps him get started, and really… I don’t have the time/trouble to sell it all individually and I just want it all out of here so I can reclaim space and get on with other things.

So I’m happy. The bike’s got a good home, good owner. She’s meant to be ridden, and it looks like she will be.

This chapter closes.

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