Another good day at the gun range

Yes, late blogging… I had to get up early and get out to KR Training! Had a special day today.

First, today was just me and Karl. It was Basic Pistol 2 and that’s all… just running morning classes because it’s getting too hot out. Class only had 7 people, testimony to the heat.

But it was a great class. We had a small teacher-student ratio, and due to the heat we changed up the class plan a bit. I think both things helped. First, we stayed inside and worked with the guns dry. The dry work helped everyone get the basics of grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control. Karl and I were able to do a lot more personal and direct work with each student, and all the dry work really paid off! By the time we got out to the range for live fire, the students were doing excellent — some of the best shooting we’ve seen out of BP2-level students.

Dry fire works. Testimony right here. You will be a better shooter if you dry fire.

As well, since we only had 7 students we ran them all on the line at the same time. Since we didn’t have to run 2 strings, we got through things a lot faster and were able to have a little fun shooting steel, the 6-plate plate rack and other things. It’s all about trigger control, when you get down to it.

Work on being slow and relaxed. Slow to press the trigger, slow to release/reset the trigger. Work to be slow… which will get you smooth. Fast will come later. Be correct now. Slow it down, be smooth on that trigger press.

Really, the class worked out well and all of those students could pass the Texas CHL test with no problem.

After the class, I got to run a little special thing for a couple of people. One of the students in the class just bought a Remington 870 and wanted to try it out and get a little instruction. As well, some friends of Karl’s were coming out just to shoot, and one of them just bought an 870 as well. So we ran them through some basic shotgun stuff. I think I was a little too talky, Karl wanted me to be more shooty. 😉  So we got them to shoot a little bit. Nothing serious nor heavy, mostly just something to get them introduced to how it feels, that the trigger press isn’t “click” but “click-chunk-chunk” (gotta rack it!), and then introduction to the notion of patterning. We had them shoot buckshot from Remington and Federal at 5, 10, and 15 yards and they got to see how it did. I then gave them some of the Federal low-recoil with the FLITECONTROL and they got to see the amazing difference that load makes. Whereas their guns probably wouldn’t work well with the regular buck past 10 yards, they could easily got 15-20 with the FLITECONTROL.

It was a fun little thing to run the shotgun stuff and talk with some folks at length. Often times we’ve run 2-3 classes, it’s been long, and I need to get home. But I had no great rush today so I was able to talk and spend time on things. That was a welcome thing.

But now… I’m hot, tired, and need a shower.

Just remember folks…. slow, smooth trigger press. 🙂