2011-06-24 workout

Here’s today’s workout.


  • 2x5x45 (warmup)
  • 1x5x70
  • 1x3x110
  • 1x2x145
  • 3x5x185 (work)

The bar speed was slow today. I’m not 100% sure what to attribute it to. My sleep has been horrible since the prior workout so I’m thinking I may not have recovered well enough. As well, I was at the gym almost an hour earlier than usual, and I did get a fair sleep last night. I had to go early because I have something time-sensitive to do today… could my body have not been fully awake and firing on all cylinders yet? Don’t know. But the weekend is here, so that’s an ‘extra’ day of rest, plus I plan on eating a shit-ton of protein over the weekend (took a couple of steaks out of the freezer this morning).

One thing that I focused on, beyond just hip drive, was overall form. I was flipping through the “Mean Old Mr. Gravity” book and there was something in there that resonated with me and reminded me about keeping my chest up. That helped.

Really tho, while things are getting heavier, I’m meeting every challenge and setting a new PR every day. Tis awesome.

Bench Press

  • 2x5x45 (warmup)
  • 1x5x65
  • 1x3x90
  • 1x2x120
  • 3x5x135

OK. A little male ego happiness here, to be doing my bench pressed with the 45# plates. 🙂  First time the bar went down, my peripheral vision caught the plates moving up and down and threw me off a bit — it’s a different visual landscape than the much-smaller 25# plates. But this feels cool. It’s just weight, but when you’ve spent most of your life only moving little weight around, it just feels nice to break through that barrier.

I felt very powerful on these, comparing to how I felt on the squats. Not sure why. Was there a bit of adrenaline happiness from using the big plates? Maybe my body and mind was woken up a bit better? Maybe I’m just not closing in on my limit like I am with squats? I don’t know. But whatever… things felt good and powerful here.

Earlier this week I started watching Dave Tate of EliteFTS “So You Think You Can Bench” series of videos. I worked on putting my weight on my traps, which really does require a “from the ground, up” working of your whole body. I don’t think I kept it there and didn’t keep my legs tight and so on, but it’s a first time and I’ll get there.


  • 1x10xbodyweight
  • 1x8xbodyweight
  • 1x7xbodyweight

I only rest about 2 minutes between each set of these, and so long as I continue to improve, that’s fine, even if it’s only 1 total rep per workout. I admit that I’m considering switching up and just doing something like 5 sets of 1-3 reps of real pull-ups (instead of these inverted row things) and seeing how well that does for me… but no, I need to stick with how I want to get to 3×15 first.


I didn’t feel so hot this workout. Sure, I had some good moments and there’s a lot of good things I can take… like even during the squat, there’s a lot of little things that I just can’t relay here but that are filed away in my head about movement and being explosive, driving, form, etc.. So, I do feel there’s constant improvement, so I’ll take it. Just need to rest up this weekend and hit the gym hard this Monday.


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