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Inspired by this post over at The Packing Rat, here are my EDC (Every Day Carry) blades:

The leftmost is a Leatherman Wave which is certainly the most action-packed of the EDC blades… because it’s more than just a blade. In fact, I use it more for the non-blade tools than the blade. But certainly if I want a saw or a serrated edge, that’s what I go for.

The other two are Spyderco Delica‘s. Yes, I carry two of them, one in each front pant pocket, both tip-up. This is a training artifact from an Insights Training Center Defensive Folding Knife class. You don’t think you need two knives until you can’t get to the one you need….  I like plain blades because it gets the job done just fine, and honestly it makes the knife less scary to grass-eaters. I also like the simplicity of the Delica… small enough in the hand so it’s not something to fumble or difficult to manipulate, but big enough to handle most chores. The large thumbhole is very easy to operate, even under pressure. It’s very sturdy. Holds a good edge. And if it gets lost or breaks, it’s not too expensive to cry over and easy enough to replace. The only trouble I keep having is the clips keep catching on various things that I brush up against so I’m always having to fix the clip (#6 torx bit is your friend). At least the clips are metal so it’s easy to bend back into shape with even a little overbend for better holding power.

One thing I often hear from folks is to not use your “self-defense” knives for anything else. Uh… why not? You should use it for everything. Need to open a letter? Use it. Need to open a box? Use it. Need to cut something? Use it. Or like Derek at TPR, “I’ve cracked open crabs, gutted fish, open beer bottles, cut tinder, start fires, etc.”  It’s a tool, use the tool. The more you use it, the adept you get at manipulating it, drawing it, opening it, and having it feel comfortable and usable in your hands. So the blade gets dull…. sharpen it!

Knives are useful tools. Oldest has a pocket knife but despite my constant prodding for him to carry it he won’t. Daughter adopted my old Leatherman Micra and did carry it around some but lost it. I figure a replacement will come eventually. Youngest, he needs to gain more confidence in using a knife first. But we’ll get there. 🙂  Hrm… maybe a Delica or a smaller Leatherman for Christmas stocking stuffers…. hrm…. 🙂

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    • The downside to using an auto-knife is, when you’re in a FUT (SouthNarc term for “fucked up tangle”… very close combat situation where limbs and bodies are all tangled up, fighting, struggling), the auto in the auto knife may not be able to deploy the knife fully if at all. You just can’t know your situation at the time of deployment. Plus, auto-knives make noise and you don’t always want to make noise. Using a very positive grip, like ths massive thumb-hole in a Spyderco, gives you feedback and certainty as to where the blade is deployed and that yes, you’ve got it fully opened and locked.

      There are certainly places for auto-knives, especially folks that have to do a lot of one-handed cutting work… very useful tool.

  1. I’ve an older style Leatherman (no idea which model at this point, but its a basic one, some tools, not tons) that goes most places with me, though admittedly in the purse and not on the belt. On a side note you get really weird looks from security screeners when they run your itsy bitsy purse through the xray and then have to search it by hand because you have jammed so much crap into it that the xray can’t figure out whats what, yet I somehow never had any trouble just reaching in and grabbing, go figure.

    I’ve had my eye on a couple of the Spyderco knives, specifically the Delica with the Emerson Opener, and the Ladybug, but haven’t yet made the decision to buy.

    • You’ve gotten used to the feel of all the stuff in the purse. 🙂

      I have an Endura with the wave/emerson opener. First, I think the Endura is a little big, even in my hands it’s a little hard to manipulate…. plus one time I flipped it out and open using the opener just to cut some rope and watched the eyes of some of sheep around me embiggen. Sheep don’t like big flashy things…

      But like I wrote above in response to Jay, the wave/emerson is akin to an auto-opener in terms of reliablity. It doesn’t always work and it’s easy to muff when you really need it NOW. I do think there’s a lot of cool things about it (e.g. the P’Kal has the same sort of opener on it and deployment and fighting with that knife depend upon that wave:

      Nevertheless, it’s not MY preference for opening. Yeah I dig it in a lot of ways, but I no longer prefer it.

      • I think why its got my attention is the possiblity of being able to open it with one hand. Between my small hands and the arthritis I sometimes have trouble opening blades manually (getting enough of a grip and pulling with thumb & forfinger on something that narrow is a guaranteed painfull move for me), and since I live in NY I have to be carefull about anything that could be considered “assisted” opening. I actually emailed Spyderco about some of their knives that are listed as ‘single hand open’ and they advised that they would likely be difficult for me to work and that the Emerson style would likely work better for me (gotta love a company that doesn’t just tell you “it’ll be fine!!!”). I like the Delica because its not as big as some but I might be able to open it even on a bad day, and the Ladybug cause its tiny enough to fit in most pockets or the like no problem (I’d have trouble opening it, but at least I’d have it on me).

        • Given your situation, the wave/emerson opener may be the way to go then.

          Have you been able to actually hold and/or try any of these knives? Any good stores nearby for try before you buy?

          • Nope, but the return policy is such that if once I get it home (mail order being my only option, I’ve not been able to find anything locally with similar features) and realize its not going to fit my hand, as long as its not abused and within the apropriate time period (I think its a month off the top of my head, but I’d have to double check) it could be returned.

          • Oh that’s fine then. Good luck in choosing! And once you settle on one, buy a second so you have a back-up on hand.

  2. I’ve packed a Wave since they came out; I also have the accessories to go with it. My every day knife is one of these. I have packed one for several years mainly because it fits my hand better than most folders, and I use it constantly.

    • I’ve wanted to get one of those bit kits. I’ve been fortunate enough to not NEED one yet, but it’s one of those “geez, it’d be nice to have just in case” sorts of things. But since it’s been years of carrying the Wave and it hasn’t come up well… getting one is low on the priority list. But who knows… maybe I should ask for it as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

      If that knife fits your hand, that’s important. A lot of people want to carry particular knives for “arbitrary” reasons (same with guns, same with many objects), but a pretty knife that you can’t operate well is useless. For instance, I really like those Kershaw ZT series but geez they are huge. After much struggle to replace my Delica’s I realized they’re just the best all around thing for me. That isn’t to say I won’t replace them if I find something better, but so far nothing has really beat them for my needs.

  3. I wear one of these cheap things daily:

    ..I need a belt most of the time so I might as well have a knife in it 🙂 While it’s a cheap thing the blade is solidly attached to the handle and it’s VERY fast to pull out. There are some quality belt knives out there but many of them like these Bowen knifes ( http://www.bowenknife.com/knives_belt_main.shtml ) are nicer but since you practically have to take off your belt to use them are close to useless for self defense. The one that I have you can pull out without even loosing your belt.

    • Interesting! I was googling and found what appears to be the original version of the belt knife I just posted. http://www.valoisknives.com/beltknives.htm It says prices start at $129 and up. It also says beware cheap imitations. If mine is a cheap imitation they did it right– it even says Valois USA on it. They have first responder and other versions as well apparently.

      • Yeah, for $16.50 shipped you can’t really go wrong. I bought one for a friend recently and even the wife wouldn’t mind having one 🙂 I believe here in Texas you can only legally carry a single edged knife, so I’d be wary of the double edged versions.
        My biggest fear is forgetting I have one on during a business trip to the airport… that wouldn’t work out well.

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