2011-06-13 workout

Got to the gym early this morning, lots more people (to be expected at that hour). A quick look around and everyone was either on cardio machines or weight machines. The squat rack was collecting dust. Excellent! 🙂


  • 2x5x45 (empty bar warmup)
  • 1x5x50
  • 1x3x80
  • 1x2x105
  • 3x5x135 (work)

OK, silly male ego time, but it felt cool to be squatting with the 45# plates on the bar. 🙂 Rest between warmup sets was just enough to change plates. Rest between work sets I didn’t time, but was around 3-4 minutes… not much but still a little more than I usually do. For me, to consider a 5 minute wait between sets is difficult to do because geez… what do you do during that time? I don’t go to the gym to socialize, I want to stay in my mental zone, I do poke a bit at my iPhone to check Facebook or Twitter or something, but that’s “light” and doesn’t bug me much. One can only pace the gym so much or just sit and stand around… but I guess I’ll learn to get over it. 🙂  I mean, I’m making it to 3-4 minutes now so I guess that’s progress. 😉  Just not used to it, just breaking old habits.


  • 2x5x45 (empty bar warmup)
  • 1x5x45 (formula calculated this to 35# but that’s not going to happen, so I just used the empty bar again)
  • 1x3x45
  • 1x2x55
  • 3x5x70 (work)

I couldn’t remember if I did 2 or 3 work sets, so I just pounded out another to be sure. In doing the presses I found not only better form than last time, but I also was exploding upwards. That pointed out to me that I wasn’t as explosive as I should have been during squats.

I’m noticing in both my squat and my press that I was favoring my right side. Stands to reason, but being aware of it I can work to stop it and work to have my form more balanced.


  • 1x8xbodyweight
  • 1x7xbodyweight
  • 1x5xbodyweight

Since I’m still doing the inverted rows hanging off a low-pegged Smith machine bar, I’m finding better body positioning. That is, in that setup the body doesn’t have much room to move or adjust itself since you have hands on a bar that doesn’t rotate and feet (heels) in contact with the floor. But I’m working on the mechanics a bit, finding a better position that works through the whole range of motion. So that said, I was able to get just about every rep with my chest to the bar and chin above the bar, save the last rep of each set which I just pushed out because, as I mentioned previously, I’m remembering the negative… when I go down it doesn’t need to be uber-slow, just a bit slower than the up and that I’m still focusing on the muscles during that motion.

Overall, the workout felt good. Yes, squat weights are feeling heavier and there’s some mental games going on in my head saying “whoa… you shouldn’t be doing this… that’s fucking heavy!” but it’s only heavier than I’ve done before and in the end my body can handle it. It’s all in my head. I need to ensure I keep focused on form, especially during the warmups. I know when I came into the gym I was a little distracted because on my walk to the gym I was thinking about my day ahead and didn’t start thinking about the workout until I was almost there. But once I got into things I was there and good and frankly, if I hadn’t figured out my day that would have nagged and distracted me during the workout. It’s just me, so I got it out of the way up front.

I keep feeling like I could do more weight, more sets, more reps, but that’s not the point of the program. Just be slow and steady, slow and steady. Hell, if I can keep up this 10# increase per workout in my squats, I’ll be squatting over 200# for reps by the end of the month. No idea how I will progress and if that’s a realistic expectation, but even if not by the end of the month, it’s not like it’s years away or even months… maybe month or two. So, just stay slow and steady, in into the gym, do my business, get out of the gym, feed myself well, and lots and lots of rest.

Next workout… deadlifts. Can’t wait!

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