2011-05-09 workout

Today’s workout went well. Continuing to improve, be it getting stricter and fixing form, or more weight, more reps, whatever. Feeling good.

I have noticed my weight going up. They would call this a “bulking phase”. I’m not opposed to that, it is part of what I’m wanting, but on the same token my clothing isn’t taking kindly to it. Had to wear a suit yesterday and it fit just a bit different. 🙂  It’s all good overall tho.

I did overhear a conversation at the gym. Trainer talking with a female client about goals. He was upping the weight on her, she was a little afraid of it, lots of joking about getting big and huge (tho that won’t happen). Was her goal to have big numbers? No, to have her clothing fit well. It was interesting to me because I too have that same goal, just working in a different way. 🙂

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