Back from the gym

I’m back from the first visit to the gym.

Remember, I’ve always worked out at home or did martial arts or other things. I’ve used weight-lifting-oriented gyms before, but maybe it was at school, university, one place I worked at long ago had a fantastic gym… but never a “paid” gym like this. So it was novel to try. The owner did tell me some times when things tend to be dead, so that makes a perfect time for me to go. Worked well this morning: only one other person there working out.

I started out by doing a light warm-up at the house: getting all the joints rotated, some dynamic stretching, and then off I jogged to the place. Would jog for a while, then maybe walk a block, then jog more. The goal was to be a starting working, not pushing myself too hard because I just don’t know where I lie. I’d rather underdo it than overdo it.

When I got there, the workout was pretty simple. I wanted to see where I lay, where things were. Start out with a weight that I figured would be a lot lighter than I could handle, work to have 3 sets of 8-12 reps. And just assess from there.

  • Squats
  • Bent-over barbell rows
  • Bench press
  • Seated overhead dumbbell press
  • Standing machine calf raises
  • Barbell bicep curls

and that’s all I did. I wanted to do some triceps isolation work and then some crunches, but… the overhead dumbbell presses was a little too much for me. That pushed me a little harder than my body was ready to accept at this time. When I went to the bicep curls I noticed after the first set that my head was feeling a little different… and then after the second it confirmed it. That was enough. I didn’t go into this workout wanting to push myself to the limit, but I ended up doing so. But it’s good because well… I didn’t know where the line was at this point in my life, so it was good to find it.

I didn’t jog home… just walked it. And sucked down my entire water bottle. 🙂

So, certainly not some ideal workout, but for the first day back into this? It was satisfactory. I found some limits. I did a rough recording of data in my iPhone, and when I got back for the next workout I’m going to try to do exactly the same workout, tho hopefully I’ll get to add the triceps and ab work. We’ll see. The weights, the reps, and so on… yeah, some stuff I could certainly up the weight on and lower the reps, but right now this is about getting myself back into the groove. Stick with exactly what I did, let my body adjust, and then once I feel good there I’ll start to adjust things around. I figure I may only go 2x week for now to allow my body the recovery time, but eventually 3x week doing this sort of “whole body” workout I think will be more than ample. From leaving the house to returning took just a little over an hour, and that’s great. I’m sure once I’m more fit and into it I’ll be able to improve the time by a bit (e.g. jog home instead of walk).

All in all, I’m happy! Plus there’s an unexpected motivation now to watch my diet. Whenever I’ve lifted weights in the past it was always towards a bodybuilding mindset; not fitness, “toning”, strength, power lifting, etc.. Diet is a big part of that, and well…. let’s just see how that flows for me too. 🙂

Oh, and on the “gear” front. I pulled out a fanny pack that has both a holster and places to carry stuff. I had to switch to my XD-9 subcompact, but that, wallet, keys, iPhone, and then a small towel just threaded through the strap and hanging… all that I need. Worked out fine! I’m happy the solution is there and that I don’t have to spend any more money on stuff.

And now… more water. I want to minimize the soreness I’m going to feel tomorrow and the next day. 😉

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