I love using a butcher

We used to buy all our meat at the grocery store. It’s not bad, but, I’ve found there’s better. 🙂

I guess I started using Johnny G’s Butcher Block for deer/hog processing. I started trying them for other things.

They’re really good.

I do love the fact that everything is a “whatever you want”. They can do whatever, however. I like that. It’s never a problem.

Their bacon? Some of the best I’ve had. It’s well seasoned and cut thick, great for using in cooking (e.g. wrapping stuff).

Their beef jerky? One of the better ones. A wonderful meaty, salty, smoky flavor. Good texture. Heck… one thing I guess that’s cool about becoming a regular is when I went in to pick up the hog meat, I went in there with Oldest and Youngest. The owner, Grover, was there and apparently just pulled a bunch of their jerky out of the smokehouse. He gave each of us a big strip of it, no charge. Just because. That was cool. Try getting that at some big-box store. 🙂  I know it’s a little thing, I know it’s just good for business, but that’s what I like about it.

They do great processing work. Turnaround times are reasonable. Prices are acceptable. The seasonings they use in making their pan and smoked sausages is really good. I also love how they smoke stuff… turns out with a great flavor.

I’ve bought a hindquarter of cow from them before, which turned out really well. I just filled the freezer with all that hog meat (and it already had deer meat and other things), but as soon as we make more room I’m going to buy probably a half a cow from them. I do love that they’ll do it exactly how I want. Local beef, grass-fed, cut and prepped as I want, aged a couple of weeks. And the kicker is? The price really isn’t much different from buying at the grocery store. Oh sure, it’s a much larger up-front cost, but over time it all evens out. Even if it is slightly more, the service, the quality… it’s fantastic.

Another thing I just discovered? They can do things for my dog. 🙂  I can order say 40 lbs of chicken backs and necks for not a lot of money. I’ve been thinking about doing the raw thing with puppy, once all the water buffalo meat runs out. That would be a good deal.When I picked up all the hog meat, I also bought a big beef bone for doggie. Oh my… I think I gave her the best treat in the world. Usually she stays outside for no more than 20 minutes at a time then wants in. She’s been outside for 2 hours just working that bone… no signs of wanting to come in. Daddy did good, I reckon. 🙂

I’ll still shop at the H.E.B. for most of our groceries. But meat? Can’t recall the last time we bought any there (other than hot dogs). Either I’ve killed it myself and had Johnny G’s process it, or I’ve bought it from Johnny G’s. I really like this butcher thing.

8 thoughts on “I love using a butcher

  1. I’ve cared for dogs that are fed raw, it has its good points and bad points, but you’ve always done your research for everything else so I don’t expect that to change lol. I do recommend getting your vet’s input, they can recommend any potentially needed vitmins or the like that might need to be added.

    We considered it for our puppy, amd decided mosyly for hygene reasons that we’d stick with a slightly more standard gluten free diet instead. I’ve been debating in frozen marrow bones for treats though as he gets older, so we’ll see.

    Now that we have a house (and space for a freezer) I’ve been debating finding a good butcher locally, and regretting no one locally, that I can find, raises buffalo for meat.

  2. Of all the posts to click on I click this one! I’ve been having computer problems for a wee while now so I haven’t read many of your posts recently, so there’s maybe a little synchronicity going on in that I find this one first. I’m a butcher by trade, our family has been in this business since 1902, so I fully advocate the sentiment that there is better “out there” than your average huge grocery store where personal service is scanty and meat provenance dubious, to say the least.

    • How cool! Yes, we are quite happy with this setup. Only wish I had considered it sooner, but hey… better late than never.

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