Sniper Hog Lights – The Destroyer, a review

Some long time ago I purchased The Destroyer, from Sniper Hog Lights. It was so long ago I forgot exactly why I settled on this light vs. the competition. But I finally got to use it on the hog hunt this past weekend.

I can say, it works as advertised. I’m very happy with it.

I purchased the light in red. They advertise 150+ yards visibility. I can vouch for that, and if you have a high quality scope with good “light gathering” ability, you’ll see even further. IMHO, that’s more than adequate for hunting hogs at night. I will caveat that I was using the light on the night’s of the “super moon” so there was a lot of ambient moonlight on a clear night. Still, I could see the red beam out to distance just fine. I would like to try it say on a new moon evening. I’ve tried it numerous times in my backyard and it lights up fine, but I don’t have a good empty country (i.e. no city light pollution) field to try it out in as much darkness as possible. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with the throw. The throw is good, and I think the beam “shape” is good to provide a good focused beam but also enough spread for you to see what you need to be able to see.

I like that they provide numerous mount options. Generally I’m using the option to go on a rail, but it’s nice to have the “clamp” mount in my closet in case I wanted to use it on something like a shotgun or maybe my Savage bolt action rifle. I will say tho, there is some weight to the light so if you did clamp it onto the barrel, you best re-check your zero because even a tiny bit of weight out there could bend your barrel just enough to change your point of impact vs. point of aim. While a different specific issue, The Box O’Truth #51 talks about the effects of a rifle rest on your POI vs. POA; essentially the same issue, about affecting your barrel.

If there’s anything I don’t like, it’s the rechargeable batteries. They’re nice and all, but I just hate having to manage rechargeable batteries. Some can do X, some can’t. Some can be charged over and over no matter how much they’ve been used, some need to be drained all the way. It’s just a bother to me to try to keep everything straight. To their credit, theirs are fairly straightforward and simple; it’s just a personal thing. However, if you want to you can use CR123A’s, which is cool. I’m not sure how that affects the output nor the runtime, but to at least have it as an option is welcome, especially if you get caught out somewhere with dead rechargeables.

Another possible source of complaint. I got the tailcap switch with the button that would click on and click off. The click is loud. It’s very tactile with a lot of positive feedback, which I like. Plus you can half-depress it to momentarily enable/disable the light. But it’s still loud. That said, checking their website now it seems they have come up with a whole new switch which looks like it solves a lot of the problems. I obviously haven’t tried the new switch, but on paper it seems like a good version 2.0 improvement.

All things said, I like the light. Any nits are my own personal tastes or something they appear to have remedied. While the hog we whacked wasn’t taken at night with the light, we used the light frequently on the two evenings we were out and it served us well to scout and keep tabs on everything.