If you need tree work done in the Austin area…

I just had some tree work done at my house. Took one tree out, some serious trimming on another that was causing constant roof and fence issues for myself and a neighbor. I am pleased with the work: the job done, the cost involved, how long it took, etc.. I wanted to give some credit to the guys that did the work. If you’re in the Austin area and need tree work, give them a call at least to get a bid:

Don Glass of Arbor Logical Tree Care: 512-368-6523

Silvester Rodgers of Awesome Tree Service: 512-466-1169

Technically two companies, but they work together. Call either one.

They have almost 50 years experience between the two of them, are arborists, and from the looks of the services offered can handle almost any tree need you have. Estimates were free, so there’s no downside to contacting them when you need work done.

I write this because everyone bitches when things are bad, but people aren’t so quick to provide support and complements when due. I try to give both: if it’s bad, say it’s bad; if it’s good, say it’s good. Let people know there’s good out there. 🙂

4 thoughts on “If you need tree work done in the Austin area…

  1. Thank you very much for the compliments you gave Arbor Logical Tree Care (512) 368-6523. I am Don Glass ISA Certified Arborist #TX-3893 and I offer Expert Tree Care at Affordable Prices. Please go to http://www.facebook.com/TheTtreeDude to view my company website. If you “Like” my company page, I will do a free tree consultaion and give you 10% off any job I do for you all through 2013! 🙂
    Sincerely, Don Glass #TX-3893A

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