Necessary tool support

Yes, you need tools. Good tools. Things break, you have to fix them. Screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers… and the many variants that exist of these things.

But sometimes we need things to support the tools. Tools alone don’t cut it.


Duct tape.

3-in-One oil.

Goo Gone.

Electricians tape. Masking tape. Teflon tape.

Liquid Wrench.

That last one is a favorite. I think my little vial of it is geez… maybe a couple of decades old. You only need a little bit, and you don’t need it all that often. But when you need it, nothing else works like it does. When the guy came this morning to install the new washing machine, of course he had to turn off the hot and cold water supplies. When he turned the hot supply back on, it started to leak from the valve stem. We could tighten it and get it to stop, but it didn’t really stop. Went to Lowes to get a replacement spigot. Trying to remove the old spigot? Oh my. I guess 25+ years of lime and calcium build-up, and the spigot would not budge. Liquid Wrench to the rescue. Soak it, tap on the spigot threads, crank and cuss… wipe off what was loosened, repeat numerous times cussing louder each time. I didn’t have a solid combination wrench large enough so I had to use adjustable combination wrenches (Craftsman), and I swear I was close to breaking them, it was that stubborn. Eventually, with more soaking and cranking, she gave. Thank you, Liquid Wrench.

2 thoughts on “Necessary tool support

  1. Now that you’ve gone through all that trouble, you could have probably just replaced the valve packing.

    There is a nut looking thing that the stem goes through. If you back that off (pull the handle) you can unscrew the valve stem from the body and replace what’s probably an O-ring 🙂
    Just a dab of Vaseline on the rubber and the stem threads and a new washer- poof an almost new valve 🙂

    Of course I let you finish before I told you- that’s how I roll.

    • I had thought that it might have just been the o-ring. My feeling was that as long as I was at the store, buy everything to avoid making another trip should I be wrong. If I didn’t need something, I can be more leisurely about returning the product than “crap, need to go back now to get X to finish the job”.

      IMHO, it had to be a full replacement based upon what I saw once I got in there. Inside the stem it used some sort of plastic collar to hold the o-ring, and it was pretty beat up and eaten away. So, I think it was best to change the whole valve because trying to track down that replacement part? Easier to just replace the valve. 🙂

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