Fishing spots?

Alright local folk. I’m looking for spots to go fishing. I need your input.

1. Needs to be relatively nearby (e.g. South/Southwest Austin, but anywhere that’s not too far a drive I’ll accept).

2. Needs to be accessible and fishable from the bank. I don’t have a boat.

3. Free is best, cheap is OK. I’m hoping this could be something where I could slip off to for a couple of hours on a weekday morning every so often. So, not having to spend a lot of money is a plus. Kiddos would probably go with me too, so again low to no cost is ideal.

And of course, if you have any specific input about what sort of fish are there, what they’re biting on, any particular good techniques for that body of water, all input welcome. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fishing spots?

  1. right out your way, Reimers ranch on Hamilton Pool Road. Before the county got a hold of it it was a great place to camp for the weekend and fish and basically just decompress. Now, you can go out and fish, rock climb and such under the watchfull eye of your county overlords.

  2. There are a couple of public access boat docks on Lake Travis just above the dam, the bass usually start biting this time of year. Otherwise my best fishing spots are usually the Guadalupe river below the Canyon Lake Dam, there is a free put in run by TPWD right there. There are no boaters on the river (too shallow), and with a pair of waders you can get right in the middle. The river has rainbow trout (stocked), perch, and Guadalupe bass, all can be caught on a fly rod with practice or on more traditional fishing gear with live or artificial baits. In the late spring/early summer when the weather warms up, rent a few tubes (<$20) and float down the river to some of the other spots. There are multiple free public put-ins though, you can find them on TPWD's website.


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