Magpul goodies

Oo… look what Mr. FedEx man just delivered

Ordered a bunch of stuff from Magpul. Of the Magpul Dynamics DVD’s, I really wanted the shotgun one. I figured I should get handgun to be complete. Carbine will have to wait for another time.

Picked up 2 B.A.D. levers.

I also picked up 2 trigger guards. I figured why not get one of each, the aluminum and the polymer and compare and contrast. Unfortunately, the polymer one is on backorder so I only received the aluminum. I’ll have to wait to install it until the backorder is fulfilled.

But the biggest bummer? I ordered their iPhone case, and it’s backordered. *sigh*  Of all the things I ordered, I was looking forward to that most of all. 🙂

Not sure when I’ll get around to watching the DVD’s. I’d like to do it soon, but I’ve got other things to tend to right now.

15 thoughts on “Magpul goodies

  1. I have AOTDH and AOTTC part 1 (which I only just got.)

    AOTDH is good but it is loooong. You’ll probably have to watch it over multiple watchings.

    I’m looking forward to watching AOTTC.

    • Yeah… I figure when you have multiple DVD’s of content, it’s going to take a while. Plus it’s training material so I reckon only watch part at a time, then take time away to digest.

      I’ll get through it all eventually. Probably start with shotgun since I’ve got a yen for that right now.

  2. I hacked my Otterbox case – after breaking the belt clip on 6 of their holsters I got fed up and mated it with a tek-lok belt attachment from Blade-tech. Works great. Holds the phone closer to my body and more securely than the original configuration did.

    • 6 of them? good grief.

      But ok… you hacked it. You know Karl.. now that you have a blog you need to blog about that, with pictures and instructions, to share with the rest of the world. 🙂

  3. I have all the Magpul DVDs minus the Arial Platform one. I enjoy them though the first carbine video def lacked in production quality.

    • oo… I may have to borrow the carbine ones from you.

      Wasn’t the first carbine one their first video? If so, I can let them slide on production… gotta learn.

  4. Shame you didn’t get the carbine ones. While the production value of the videos got better through the series, the content did not. The focus and expertise of Magpul is carbines. The rest are mediocre regarding technique. However, they have cool scripted scenarios and there is a red-head in the DH that is pretty distracting… right up until she shoots her rental car in the final exercise (oops!).

    • Hrm. I think I know which DVD I need to watch first…. 😉

      I will eventually get the carbine ones, was just a matter of money.

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