I’m going through changes…

I’ve been reassigned.

Still with the same company I’ve been with for many many years, but I’ve been put onto a new project. It’s radically different from what I’ve done for the past umpteen years, but it’s still writing Mac software. Yet for all the same, it’s very different. I think the hardest transition hit me this morning as I was talking with another engineer on the team. You see, for nearly two decades I’ve developed software direct for the consumer, where anyone could download it or buy it off the shelf at a store. But now, the software is written for enterprise sales and while “Average Joe” still ends up using the software, the process of making things happen, the customer I am directly responsible to isn’t Joe. It’s subtle, but it’s a different paradigm to have to work in, and I have to adjust my mental paradigm.

The project is also higher profile, higher pressure. When I was told of the reassignment (just before Christmas), I wasn’t sure. I had helped out the same project a couple of years ago and it wasn’t the most favorable experience. But time has passed, and I’m happy to see that while yes there’s still problems, there’s a true effort to improve things. The best part? The guy that’s now my boss (and then his boss as well) are very sharp. We’ve only worked together for a couple of weeks but I’m left with nothing but a solid and positive impression. They understand reality, they understand proper development process, they understand how to say “no” (very important), and they understand that their job is to enable me to do my job (getting me what I need, shielding me from what I don’t need). Even better, they understand that while there are important things to get done, we cannot have death marches, we cannot demand 60-80 hours a week every week, that people need to have their non-work lives and have balance overall in their life. This is a welcome thing and gives me hope for this assignment. Sometimes having a good boss makes all the difference in the world. 🙂

It’s been a rough couple weeks to get started, but that’s only due to being dropped into the deep end of the pool and having to swim. Just lots of little things to have to figure out, get in line and get going. But overall, so far so good. That’s one reason I haven’t been blogging much… just had other things to cope with right now. But things appear to be settling into a groove, so here’s hoping.

I am bummed that I cannot pursue working on mobile apps like for iOS and Android, but that’s not too big a worry. So long as that job maintains a healthy role in my life, I can get my mobile work in other venues. And I’m working to do just that.

Life is full of surprises. You roll with the tide. You play the hand you’re dealt, and all those clichĂ©s. I’m working to find what’s good, what’s ultimately best for me and my family. At first I wasn’t sure this move was going to be good, but it’s actually turning out to be alright. Onwards….

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