What can we learn here

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A local family was terrorized, ambushed outside their own home and held at gunpoint. They had just pulled into their driveway on Glenfield near Durango Falls in northwest Harris County Monday night when the suspects threatened the family, and the husband fought back.

Full story here. (h/t Robert).


He and his wife were with their young boys, ages seven and one, headed home from the Apple store at Willowbrook Mall when he noticed a red Mustang had followed him right to his driveway.


When he got out of the car, Del Rosario says a man had a gun pointed straight at him and was joined by at least two accomplices.

He said, “I ran away … to get away from them, to draw the fire to me if they were going to shoot. Then I started shooting at them.”

Del Rosario is a concealed handgun permit holder, and says having his gun and the training to use it properly saved his family.

He said, “I’m glad I did. You should, too.”


The neighbors say crime happens everywhere, even in this upscale Cypress neighborhood, and they encourage other people to protect themselves the way they did.





So, what can we take from this:

  • It happened in a good part of town. Crime can happen anywhere.
  • It happened in their driveway. You might be prepared for “home defense”, but what if you’re not in your home when crime happens to you? “Excuse me, Mr. Robber… can you hold on a moment while I go inside to fetch my shotgun? Thank you, yes, just wait right here, please.” No sorry, that doesn’t happen. You need to be able to go any where any time. There’s only one way to do that, and that’s to be prepared with the right tools all the time.
  • The right tools include mindset. Del Rosario was willing to fight to protect his family and himself. He moved, he was quick, he was decisive. He also was aware before it happened, because he knew the car was following them. Of course, one problem here is if you know someone is following you, you shouldn’t drive home.
  • One of the suspects was 17 years old; the ages of the other two were not released but it appears they are minors. You cannot envision your attacker to be of a particular demographic, because nothing says they will be. You also cannot be afraid to fight back against a child… because the sad state of affairs these days are 12 year olds are joining gangs and willing to kill you for your Nike’s.
  • He had his gun. He was carrying it when he needed it. He didn’t get to choose when something bad was going to happen to him, but he was prepared to fight when a fight came to him. I don’t understand people who have a CHL but don’t carry. Why have the CHL then?
  • He credits not just having a gun, but having training.

Mr. Del Rosario, good for you.


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