New guns on the market

A bunch of new guns have been released, and so of course we must talk about them, right?

Yes, I’m late to the party. I just haven’t felt a compelling need to be the first guy to comment on these guns.

Ruger LC9. Whatever. Karl said it best.

Ruger also released their Gunsite Scout Rifle. I’m a fan of the Scout Rifle concept and this does seem kinda cool but… I don’t know. It doesn’t move me. I’d like to see a good hands-on write-up on the rifle. I’d like to see how a 16.5″ barrel fares in practical situations (e.g. I don’t expect 1000 yard shooting, but how about 350 yards? both accuracy, bullet drop, and velocity/energy). Box magazine good, but it somehow seems wrong and breaks up the lines of the gun. I don’t know. If someone at Ruger wants to give me one on T&E for a couple of months, I’ll get back to you. I want to like it, but so far I just can’t for some reason.

Kel-Tec has this bullpup shotgun (KSG). That actually perks my interest a bit, but it’s kinda expensive for what it is. I mean, the Kel-Tec RFB interests me: a .308 bullpup. Talk about a “brush gun”, able to more easily navigate through tight spaces. And that’s where the KSG interests me. It’s fully legal (probably some state will ban it, like CA or MA), but overall length is significantly reduced from a traditional shoulder-mounted shotgun, so getting around hallways and so on is greatly improved.

So, interesting stuff. It’s nice to see companies thinking outside the box and also listening to what people want. Oh sure, I think something like the LC9 was market-demanded… not the best ideal from a realistic standpoint, but corporations are about making money, and I’m sure the LC9 will do just that.

4 thoughts on “New guns on the market

  1. The KSG is definitely a stocking stuffer want, and just about the right size at 28″. 🙂
    I wonder how well it will feed 1″ aguilla shells. That would incease the capacity to about 20 +/-.
    I’m hearing MSRP will be about $800 or so. Go ahead and put that one on my list for next year.

    • Drop them a line and ask about the shells.

      Still feels a little expensive to me, but conceptually it’s interesting and intriguing.

  2. I would like to try the LC9. I have an LCP and while it’s not terribly fun to shoot, it works pretty well as an “ultra concealment” or backup gun. If the LC9 can be that in 9mm, I’m all for it. (I think it’s a fair amount bigger though.)

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