What’s popular

I admit it. I’m a blog stats junkie. I love to look at the blog stats to see what people are interested in, why they come, what they stay for.

So let’s look back at 2010 and what people liked.

First, the home page is #1. That tells me people come to the blog and read what’s current. Fair enough. The one thing stats can’t tell you is truly how many readers you have, and I can’t help but wonder how many unique readers I do have. I’d still write whether I had 1 or 1,000,000 readers… I’d write the same, in terms of style and about “whatever interests me… and maybe you”. It’s why I don’t take advertisements, or “link trades” for any sort of profit… this is a personal blog and I write from me for me. Still, it’s a curiosity.

So apart from what, what did people tend to want to know about in 2010?

  1. How to correct shooting problems.
  2. 50 things everyone should know.
  3. 9mm reload recipe
    1. This one is actually interesting to me. As I cross-reference the search queries that bring people here, what most people are looking for is load recipes with Berry’s bullets. There just isn’t much data out there, so I’m glad I can share something.
  4. Hornady Critical Defense ammo.
  5. Using .223 Rem for hunting.
  6. igneous weather forecasting!
  7. Combined Skills
    1. I’m not sure why this one gets so much traffic, but it does.
  8. I’m Scotts-Korean!
    1. That was a fun one.
  9. Ruger SR-22
    1. That one showed me that if you want to drive traffic to your blog, be on top of the latest news as quickly as possible.
  10. More about 9mm reloads.

If I look beyond the top 10, I can see that people care about anatomy lessons, M1A ammo, more Berry’s bullets data but for .38 Special, DIY mook jong’s, that links from saysuncle.com generate a lot of traffic, and people likes boobs.

It’s interesting to see what brings people to my blog. Gun topics certainly are a primary thing. Reloading data for Berry’s bullets are a prime reason, and one reason I like sharing all the data I generate (especially about reloading). Mentioning “boobs” generates lots of clicking (imagine that, sex sells!).  As well, getting a link from popular websites like saysuncle.com can drive a lot of traffic.

All in all, I’ll just continue to write what I write. I’m not out to get tons and tons of traffic, but it’s nice. It’s nice to see readership increasing… I guess because it makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. While I say I write for me, that’s only mostly true. If I wanted to only write for me then I’d write in a journal and never share it with the world. That I write in a public way like a blog well… that just shows I want to share something with the world. Thus, to see lots of traffic, to see readership on a general upward trend well… that’s nice. I guess I’m doing something right, and I thank you for thinking what I write is something worth reading.

Is there anything you’re curious about my opinion on? Anything you wonder why I talk about? Or maybe a topic I don’t talk about? Yeah… I’m asking for requests because hey… I make sure I post something every day and sometimes that’s difficult to do. Furthermore, sometimes it’s cool to break out of the mold and touch on something different. So if you want to request something, go ahead.

But the bottom line is: thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “What’s popular

  1. I’d like to thank you for your efforts. I check out your blog most days and enjoy your views. I look forward to an interesting 2011. Happy New Year!

  2. Hey, this is off topic of guns, but it is on topic of Liberty. With all the Patriots and Liberty proponents in this country, quoting all their fixes for taking our country back, and what solutions they have, they ignore the fact that we are raising another entire generation of Brain washed children developing their beliefs in Gov’t Public Schools. Am I the only one on the planet that can see if we do not get the children out of Youth Indoctrination Camps, that every effort we make towards Liberty is futile. Dismantle the entire Gov’t Public School System. That would solve most of the problems for training up new free thinkers.

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