Observations from the morning dog walk

Dog walk this morning was well before dawn. Point being, it’s very cold, it’s very dark.

  • Loose pants are good. I can put some long johns on before the walk, then easily slip out of the pants and remove the long johns upon return. Layers are good, but only when you’re out in the cold. Tac Pants 1, Jeans 0.
    • I state that because I find myself gravitating back to wearing jeans. Tactical/cargo pants are very useful, but they have zero style. That said, I am looking at “tactical jeans”… not many out there, but they don’t even have to be “5.11”. Just the chief requirement being the front pockets have a more open mouth.
  • Christmas lights are very useful for detecting movement. They put down a blanket of predictable and traceable light patterns, so when a deer trots out it’s very easy to spot their movement.
  • There’s this buck living back here. Oh he’s pretty sweet. If he’s the same guy we’ve been seeing and he lives another year, he’s going to be a monster (for the Texas Hill Country) come next year. Shame we all live in the city.
  • Someday I’ll get more into star-gazing, such that I’ll be able to spot-recognize more constellations than just Orion. 🙂
  • An essential part of good home security is having a well-lit property — cockroaches don’t like light. This morning I noticed an interesting pattern. Houses that were well lit (interior and/or exterior) also were near street lights. Houses that had little to no illumination from street lights were also dark (no interior nor exterior lights). I could make lots of inferences as to the meaning of this, but they’d be only hypotheses. Still I found it interesting that if the house was in the light, it was really in the light, and if the house was in the dark… well, there were lots of places one could hide and do evil things without anyone noticing.
  • It’s good to carry your flashlight in your hands at all times. It doesn’t have to be on throughout the walk, but if nothing else it’s useful for letting that guy backing his truck out of his driveway know you’re there. Besides, if someone did jump out at me, having the flashlight already in hand means it’s the first line of “give ’em a WTF moment”: flash ’em in the eyes to disorient them while you take the precious seconds to side-step and assess the situation (or immediately draw). Of course, having big killer doggie at your side doesn’t hurt either. 🙂
  • Doggie likes cold weather — a lot. Some weeks ago Daughter said she can’t wait for summertime, because doggie will mellow out. 😉

5 thoughts on “Observations from the morning dog walk

  1. We were taught that shining a flashlight that displays a beam brighter than 60 lumens in someone’s eyes is actually considered a use of force. We didn’t believe, but, it’s considered a use of force because of the involuntary reaction that the person experiences when the light hits their eyes.

    • No kidding? Interesting to know. Well, I guess it’s good that I carry a SureFire E2L then…. the first button hit is low and only 3 lumens (but still enough, especially in the dark, to throw your night vision off), and on high is 60.

      Is this on the books somewhere? code? or case law? or what?

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