Dropped off the doe parts at Johnny G’s. Yielded about 63# of parts (meat and bones). Not a lot, really, but that one doe was pretty small. Getting backstraps cleaned up, roasts, a few ham steaks, the rest ground 90/10. If I want more venison to last through the year, I’m going to need to go back out and bag a couple more.

While at Johnny G’s I ordered one of their freezer packs. Good variety of meat, better quality, about the same price as at the grocery store. Their bacon is awesome. Also picked up an extra pound of bacon. Took some venison backstraps from last year out of the freezer (vac packed, so they will last longer in the freezer) and this weekend I’ll wrap ’em in bacon and put them on the smoker. Need to find a good marinade.

Wife and I surveyed the freezer this morning. It’s getting empty, so we figure once deer season is over and the butcher can handle it, we’re going to get a cow from Storm Ranch and have it fully processed. A full cow should last us a good long while… year at least, depending how much beef Wife wants to cook for me. 🙂  It’s a little more expensive than buying at the grocery store, but it’ll be hormone free, grass fed, aged, processed just like I want (e.g. thick steaks). It will be awesome. Never hand-picked my beef before… this’ll be a new experience.

And to think…. about 13 years ago I tried a vegetarian diet.

2 thoughts on “Meat

  1. My parents and I get an 8-10 month old calf slaughtered every year.

    Normally that is enough meat to last us through the entire year, though we only eat beef once/twice a week, then again on major occasions.

    Yea, you could say thats only 3 people, but Dad and I eat enough to feed 4-5 people. 😛

    I’d say, depending on how yall eat and the size of the cow, a good year and a half.

    • Yeah. A full adult cow would be a LOT of meat. I’m trying to estimate it based upon the water buffalo. That’d be a similar-sized animal and a similar meat yield. I think we’d be able to go a year, maybe 18 months… just depends. So long as the meat is wrapped right and perhaps vac sealed, it’ll last just fine.

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