It started back in college.

Three friends of mine from high school. We’d be away at school for a few months, then return to “home base” for holidays… and we’d get together for a “stogie night”. Thus, I started smoking cigars. Nothing serious, just the occasional thing. But it was fun to do every once in a blue moon.

Over the years I’d have a cigar now and then, but never really enough to gain enough understanding of different cigar types, fillers, wrappers, flavors, sizes, draw, whatever… all those characteristics that make this cigar different from that cigar.

A few years ago my buddy W, who likes good cigars, introduced me to Rocky Patel’s. Boy… talk about a quality cigar! And since I can find good cigars fairly easily in town (thank you, Spec’s), I’ve started to smoke cigars a little more often… much to the dislike of my children. 😉  (stinky!)  But it’s also a nice thing to be able to do now. I go outside, have a cigar, a glass of wine, spend an hour with Wife just talking in the evening in the backyard, and now that we have Sasha she comes and romps around in the yard. It’s a nice bit of quality time with Wife (and dog).

So I’ve been enjoying the Rocky’s, and with a generous gift from W a little while ago I got to try a bunch of different RP’s. And I started to say “ok, I like this… no, I don’t like that”. Like the RP 1961? Great cigar, but just not my thing. Why?

Well, one thing I’ve noticed? I prefer maduro wrappers.

For instance, the Rocky Patel Edge Missile with the maduro wrapper? I’d say that’s my present favorite. The corojo wrapper? there’s a “spice” to it that I find is OK, but not a strong preference. But the maduro has a smoother, more mellow flavor. And the way the Edge Missile is wrapped? It’s not too tight, I get a great draw, great smoke, great mouthfeel. Just good good stuff.

But I’ve also noticed, I prefer smaller cigars. The size of the petit corona, robusto… those tend to work for me. Even the Edge Missile is a little big for me in terms of when I get to a point of saying “OK, I’m done”.

So when I went to the store today to restock on cigars the criteria was: maduro, small size. I picked up some RP’s because it’s something I like, and I picked up a few more random brands that fit the criteria.

We’ll see how they go.

I just finished smoking a RP Edge Missile with a nice glass of red wine. Oh so good.

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